It refers to the color. DIY Nail Art phototherapy at home!


Once you have played from the LED light therapy lamp is turned on my DIY phototherapy trip ...
In fact, before there is no habit to make nails,
I do not know why always like their nail scissors before the short round,
Also I feel so very cute ... kind of trend will become increasingly short ...
Learn more later after phototherapy began to pay more attention to the shape of the surface of the armor trim,
Feel gradually be corrected, it became relatively large relatively Founder nice !!

Now after playing DIY nail phototherapy children feel they have more beauty trends
So I began to fall in love with 2 to 3 weeks of phototherapy DIY,
In the small office and together help open classroom color means a lot of fun: "P

Now the way to go shopping are often the clerk asked me where nails done!
Close close all posted more experience came today to share with you !!

This is my first time to play after UNT phototherapy DIY color refers to the shape >>

For the first time to play too high compare fancy walking playful ROCK Wind X ")

Many have come to ask the girl posted above the bow which side is going to buy?
That is "AAC d Nail Studio" exclusive monopoly yo! ... Po po ~
Well - in fact it is a very small particles with gold plating beads arranged to go out one by one!

It is quite a long time ago in the United States to buy timber line has a box like this there are many beads style:

Large pieces of white stones are Swarovski SS06 size,
I used to like DIY Sticker diamond at the right time to buy ~
Saying Swarovski beautiful brightness is quite high

Little gem acrylic gems paste and a method Commentary
After completion phototherapy solid color background illumination with TOP COAT seal layer plastic stick in the desired place and put on the acrylic jewels stick ~
Remember not to stick too much, or slide to slide easily off crooked! (Of course, can be a transparent plastic stick gem stones is not afraid to make fixed crooked ~)
You can then put away again after a little dip in TOP COAT diamond edge, then go according to LED light therapy lamp ~ dries drill will be fixed!
Finally, the substrate layer 2-3 / sealing layer of plastic to completely seal the drill (each layer of light to be illuminated once!)
While at the same time you can also drill in and around add TOP COAT, so it will be relatively thick but less easy out.

Previously bought a mini beads with gold plated and silver, two colors are very good with ~
But I kind of beads not buy expensive, so the gold over a few days will slowly fade into his own silver ...
(It's more cost effective to buy gold and white yo can enjoy)

The most common pattern is a little like arrangement bow,
The benefits of using small beads of different sizes can be easily arranged in the bow!
We all face in accordance with the size and needs of armor adjusted ~ effect is very cute :)


You can also ranked 2-3 in the A side on the very same shape!
Further cross that line up is also very good to see, since the middle of the cross is also replaced by another gem ~ *
Again, then that is triangular, acrylic gems-type, also very suitable for use in armor surface.

Let's look at a second DIY phototherapy,
UNT is the TOP COAT seal layer of plastic with Bobbi Brown limited edition navy blue nail polish #Navy

To the original color phototherapy part of my nail polish instead replaced as first layer on TOP COAT sealing layer of plastic yo!
So we can do more since the color light therapy painted, and the follow-up because of the TOP COAT protection nail polish is not afraid Diaoqi friends ~

But the nail polish before TOP COAT sealing layer of plastic illuminated surface after a bit sticky adhesive,
In addition to plastic and then finished on the first nail polish ~ (except with glue remover cotton + Resurrection slightly wipe the water can)
And then wait for nail polish is completely dry and then on TOP COAT after yo.

This time there were only very happy to shoot a picture of PO FB ~
I forgot to get it closer photo shoot xd
Few photos, then the following is to dig out the culture of maintenance inside photo (laughs)

The second for the first time feel relatively fancy, so a lot of change to go convergence simple wind ~
Like the original elements but have only hand picked 2-3 refers to the pattern!
Not too exaggerated feeling good ride clothes

In addition, like the bow and the Cross, in Swarovski Lo drill plus four small beads ~
Let more gorgeous acrylic jewels is also very special sense it +++

Also from paragraphs 1 and 2 can be found in my face A tall ,
You can repair look better, it is what I just said there are benefits gradually corrected A plane!

Because then I can make the shape of beads, stones there are not many models,
So I want to start collecting these different materials play ~~
Passing material nail row nail went in to buy a sticker !!

There are more playful Parisian style and love leopard,
Both considered more practical!

Just one last black and white lace, carved Baroque ~
And a number of large and small bow sticker is cute and easy to take style ✪ ~ ✪

Direct to see me this DIY!
The newly completed refers to the use of color is to make the shape of stickers ~
Baroque style with cocoa color

Background color is reddish cocoa,
In line to buy a gel nail polish material (BT NAIL # 136)
Then the same with the same LED light therapy lamp and TOP COAT ... and so on.

 Lace and carved with a different sticker patchwork pattern,
Then add beads and gem stones are very simple to decorate modeling can be done !!

Speaking of the middle finger the beads are combined with water droplets acrylic gem design allusions ....
TOP COAT is applied too much because it XD

Lead lamps Hou beads gradually slid sideways .... According to complete the teeth will become much
So then gem stones water droplets cover up ha ha ha

 Stickers can own part of a longer cut to length and nail surface closest to paste up OK,
on background photo finish after first light as gum paste stickers in addition, it will fully comply with stickers affixed to the surface of the armor!

After the completion of stickers to add some acrylic jewels Lili Koukou means of color can make more shape ~
Finally, like TOP COAT CI Hou ~ seal!

Upon completion of stickers as if fused TOP COAT inside,
It will feel like lace is very thin strokes out of the very fine work ... very professional like!

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