Let the phone Blingbling shines secret


Phone today has become essential for all outreach information products, but how to build a machine in a sea of ​​their own unique appearance cell phone, mobile phone beautification gradually get attention, therefore SOGI this special feature, an interview with Taiwan's biggest mobile phone landscaping stores, services offered comprise flat crystals paste, painting, coating, etc., see the following finishing our report:The country's largest mobile phone paste drill and coated chains - "Emperor's New Clothes" from the name of the source of motivation is to let the phone "does not have to get a new machine, just wear new clothes" to let the phone between mundane overnight Bling Bling shines ! Shiny leader Irina seven years ago to expand her career, when combined with interest, leaving the cause of success, now has dozens of stores and more than a hundred store associates, and therefore extended to Hong Kong, Japan, are there are very good results. Currently self-employed "emperor's new clothes" and "the first film," the two brands, Taiwan over more than one hundred envelope industry, and are based on Erin teach technology. Recently Invited to Hong Kong in mid-August had had the personal exhibition - "Bling Bling flash acrylic stone Summer Exhibition", Irina share individual creative flat crystals paste, and experience-based teaching demonstration.

Q. Why do you want to engage in Erin crystals beads envelope stickers, phone landscaping business, she said seven years ago, she started selling mobile phones in Taipei Ximending, in this process, the Japanese guests had asked her whether there envelope phone service, because of the introduction of such technology in Taiwan yet, Erin has caused a very strong curiosity to explore the possibility of beautification mobile phone market development in Taiwan, so it took a month to Japan to learn, after returning to Taiwan many began to study glass gems paste, coating techniques, she said with a smile: "my way of learning is entirely master usher, attend personal" bet among a considerable number of effort. In her mind, he thought the phone paste drill, envelope is an art, all she did was to combine art and 3C products, make acrylic stone paste, aesthetic envelope process can flourish in the world.

  beginners can buy flat crystals registering, according to FIG sticking directly to the camera body, it can make the body Bling Bling !

shining leader Irina also intentions for their love of machining something.

 Because Erin skilled and creative, allowing guests love machine from a new look, a new look, to see Erin make guests feel more satisfied serving the majority of the people want, and began teaching commenced, provide advisory services. Public Miss Xu said she is beginning Erin customers, and later on became interested in crystals beads paste, Erin became a student to work every time she would come to the store to learn, has lasted more than a year, but now they He intends to want their own business. Erin does everything he knows will spread technology, has helped many unemployed, they have to teach skills, can take advantage of this technology into his own business, which really makes people admire the spirit of love.

  Many people come here to learn with Erin stickers acrylic stone technology envelope.

Do not think the girls stick crystals beads is patented in the classroom can also see men of learning focused look.

  landscaping before performing products will first be carefully communicate with the guests (right), to determine the direction of guest preferences.

Ado, we invite to the major competing media reported diamond paste, envelope R & D person - Irina personally for the users SOGI teaching demonstration, this paper introduces a mobile phone paste flat crystals teaching (teaching after the introduction of colored coated paper) the following teaching available to home users want to try a half-hearted, quick roll up their sleeves, work together to put on new clothes for the beloved cell phone now!

Before proceeding to their love machine add Bling Bling crystals beads, of course, you must first prepare the necessary tools it! Following is a list of the tools and materials used are: glass gems material, diamond clip, diamond classification boxes, transfer paper, alcohol, paper tape, AB glue, toothpicks and the like.

  professional glass gems classification, faster pick-friendly materials and colors.

  divided into monochrome diamond drilling package and mix package, priced at about a one yuan.

 Step one: First, A and B glue glue mixed with a toothpick to mix evenly, showing a thick white state to produce adhesion.

start gluing, according to the nature of rubber wait about 5 to 15 minutes range, will produce adhesion.

 Step two: First pick up stones lined up in the body graphics, if you just start unfamiliar users can take advantage of a special "color pictures film and paper," first posted in the body to re-arrange the graphics by stones, landscaping is another way.

use crystals beads arranged in a preset folder graphic, yet this time the glue.

  you can gradually see the beautiful butterflies dancing friends on the phone.

 Step Three: Cut body size transfer paper after the tear film paste table phone, so crystals beads sticking the transfer paper.

Step Four; glue to the back of the diamond, do not painted too full Oh! If the overflow glue can be wiped with a cotton swab.

If acrylic crystals will float, you can use the diamond clip slightly biased fixed position. 

 Step Five: Complete gluing action, aligned body position, and then transferred to the  crystals beads body, torn to wait about five minutes, you can see your love machine sparkling paste stones after moving into Hello unique work of art!

  After waiting five minutes, the transfer paper can be torn, ripped drill should be noted that there did not follow the run away.

  finished goods for ordinary big body change shape!

Another way for beginners, there is the use of the above-mentioned "Wallpapers film and paper," it is quite useful landscaping tools! First, body-color film paste, then in accordance with the arrangement of stones graphics go, is quite beautiful.

  Wallpapers tear film.

will stick in the body-color film, the need to avoid air to enter.

good sticky film will go beyond border-color removal.

at home can simply create a "diamond sticking stick" clay sticking flat crystals is very easy to use and convenient!

After can paste graphics in accordance with flat crystals, if inadvertently skew can be used to adjust the position of the tip of a toothpick.

▲ Bling Bling rhinestones work done! I picked it up and feel it is quite fantastic.

Sticker flat crystals is not simply to look at the phone looks tired put new shape, but also demonstrated a unique aesthetic process, the individual's perception of beauty presented on the phone belongs to, mobile phones add a unique meaning strong. Shiny Erin leader in the diamond paste aesthetics into the phone, she thought it was for life art exhibits, is a great need for patience and perseverance, even around the clock, as long as the work can be done once every intention to pay, the result is the order satisfactory. Erin is also recommended for beginners, if not initially inspiration, you can look at diamond paste magazine book, multiple reference the work of others, or to do first half stood, perhaps go for a walk, or to complete other things, will there are also perhaps a sudden inspiration, the idea came too creative but addictive!
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