Sticker acrylic rhinestones deceptive than 40,000 players say, "are posted every day," but would not estimate


Modern emphasis on the use of mobile phones, "personal style", so the mobile phone designed to help "dress up" the ... Read more »

Sticker acrylic gems yourself ~ DIY early experience !!!


Suddenly I want to buy a mobile phone stickers DIY acrylic crystals to think of hair from ...... 3GS buy nice shell Coupled wi... Read more »

Daren acrylic rhinestones JOE teach do fashion handcuffs package


Recently a woman because of news coverage when immigration from abroad carry an asking price of more than 20,000 yuan package o... Read more »

What is a diamond? What is Swarovski acrylic crystals?


acrylic gems is a commonly known, the main ingredient is a acrylic rhinestones , is one kind of jewelry accessories man-made crystal glass... Read more »

Swarovski acrylic diamond fingernail early experience

When asked about the future is to pave the way for former colleagues manicurist wedding photographs a few days ago I asked him ... Read more »

IPhone to do pieces of clothes DIY mobile phone shell paste artificial diamond


Remain the same in the mobile phone case market , most striking rhinestone gems theme. But now on the market , expensive artifi... Read more »

What is the acrylic crystals?

acrylic rhinestones is a commonly known (also known as crystal diamond Rhine Shiying Wen name: crystal, rhinestone ) whose main become a cr... Read more »

What is the "diamond"? What's the difference between acrylic crystals and diamond

A lot of friends in the purchase of jewelry, we often hear the "diamond" of the word, meaning probably understand that imitation d... Read more »

Beautiful and stylish: the goddess wants to be elegant acrylic diamond jewelry Hair Accessories


As a girl with short hair in this life is probably not suitable and will not stay long hair! But when I see long-haired girl with braide... Read more »

Consumers how to identify whether a natural diamond?


How to distinguish the synthetic diamonds Method One: refractive index. Ground glass fake diamonds are easily distinguished because of i... Read more »

You can choose artificial diamonds it fiancee


Last November, Mills (Calvin Mills) for the fiancee bought a 2.62 kt rhinestone crystals ring . While this is definitely a rare top grade r... Read more »

KIRA KIRA shiny rhinestones new fashion


KIRA KIRA Japanese is "shining" means. Rhinestone shining like stars in the night sky, the use of flatback crystals paste fashio... Read more »
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