What is the acrylic gem?


artificial diamond is a commonly known, is becoming the main loose crystals , is one kind of jewelry accessories man-made acrylic gem cut... Read more »

acrylic crystals paste articles to ingratiate themselves - how to estimate the number of stars in total DIY need to use?

In a simple understanding of the type and brightness of acrylic rhinestone introduction, it has now decided on the items you want... Read more »

Stapler paste acrylic gemstones Makeovers


DIY wind , the wind began to love lost many friends to do the hand , like making their own participation in learning , Own bake ... Read more »

Not called artificial acrylic gems

In addition to acrylic gems preservation, but also because loose crystals shining, and people loved. However, if that acrylic diamond bec... Read more »

Selina wedding shoes handmade full acrylic gem sewn one by one


Selina wedding shoes super labor-studded upper falls Austrian Swarovski acrylic rhinestone are all handmade, it took three days. ( Fig... Read more »

Hua Tian related glass gems part1


HWA TIEN is a leading manufacturer of making high quality plastic stones in Taiwan. We provide acrylic rhinestone including: ... Read more »

acrylic crystals bike ride new audience discharge flash


"Application ○ Yi Liu global bicycle Cities Conference " Cycling Carnival lively debut yesterday afternoon in front of... Read more »

DIY loose crystals red shoes


Share with Friends nice pair of christian louboutin The above sticky full craft rhinestones , pretty good ~ I almost blind a flash After a c... Read more »

A crystals beads is forever?


Diamonds are neither rare nor valuable . In fact , diamonds are very common mineral on Earth , in Europe and America , it has a good... Read more »

Teach you like DIY nail shop like ornate UNT phototherapy

My Tools with Japan currently have eternal lace nail sticker boxes , one black and one white A acrylic gem and gold and si... Read more »
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