KIRA KIRA shiny acrylic stones wholesale new fashion


KIRA KIRA Japanese is "shining" means. plastic crystals shining like stars in the night sky, the use of acrylic stones wholesale paste fashion decorate all kinds of small things, it has become a strong trend. Whether painted nails, mobile phones, bags, clothes, shoes, groceries, etc., can be affixed to the top of the drill, so that each work from ordinary, mundane, sparking transvestites become the darling of fashion!

In fact, flatback crystals paste is not hard, but can be said to be very simple, very suitable for home DIY activities. From the most common, most economical plastic paste acrylic diamond, drill the most advanced acrylic hand-stitched Swarovski plastic crystals, complete descriptions, and use stickers (hot) drilling techniques, so that students will KIRA KIRA shining wind complete applications in jewelry, groceries, gifts, cards, clothes, jeans and other works. KIRA KIRA like shining wind people do not miss!

A, KIRA KIRA sparkling bulk acrylic gems description:Rhinestone, flatback crystals paste, hotfix crystals. Seam drilling. How many do you know the drill? The first lesson to teachAll diamond types and shapes as well as basic usage.Second, the paste drill:1. The basic paste flatback crystals:Now the most popular sparkling bulk acrylic gems paste on groceries, phone. Paste drill really simple yo! Put together their favorite things to wear shiny coat it! (Ready to paste drill stuff! Pens, boxes, small objects, etc.)2. costly wind diamond paste:Let us recognize that more can be attached to the acrylic stones wholesale it! Of course, to do even more than one class of luxury works yo!※ works: luxury style small things stick drillThird, hot drilling:For bulk acrylic gems jewelry on the clothes you need hot drilling, drilling hot partakers "diamond" with "metal drill", there are many other different shapes. Shiny first to come to the phone strap with a fiery hot drilling early meet it!※ works: Shiny Mobile Phone StrapFourth, acrylic stones wholesale and Fabric:Spring is coming, come with hot drill with the United States and the United States do have spring fabric hair accessories or jewelry taste it! They can also arrange themselves hotfix crystals pattern yo!※ works: the United States was blinded bulk acrylic gems Jewelry DesignFive hot drilling, stitch drilling and lace:Asking the students to bring a pair of jeans or a T-shirt design is rich, we work together with a variety of materials for their own clothes, pants shiny UP! UP! UP!※ works: shiny pants drastic change my clothes fitted 

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