Sincerity make hands full teaching card VOL.4: use creative


Hello everyone,

Unlike previous teaching cards today,

I would like to share the use of a variety of materials,

Sometimes a card will feel well enough to complete the degree,

Just does not like something,

Then we have to use some of the material so that the overall card richer.

Simple help organize and how to apply creative types:

1. flatback rhinestones wholesale

crystal rhinestones wholesale is the material well achieved,

Usually we have a lot of people used to be used,

But with too easy to lose the card so that the whole texture,

Particles are too inappropriate,

Generally 2.5mm is my most popular size,

Key chunks can be attached at the pattern,

Or have a large margin of the place,

Can also be arranged in different sizes flatback rhinestones wholesale add some sense of design.

2. Button

Water crystal rhinestones wholesale and ornate style,

If the whole card or biased lovely natural forest wind,

So Button is a better choice.

Lovely pastel colors of wind buttons available,

Wind and natural materials available wood decorative buttons.

As shown, in my sling rope as ideas,

The middle button on the string pastel lines coupled with a synthetic diamond,

You can let the whole lot of rich color card.

3. The letter stickers

Stickers are many different kinds of letters,

The letter itself or a square shape,

Benefits square sticker letters that

Stickers can be used to create a background to your own style.

As shown, because I want to present a strong retro style,

So I chose a light brown and black square alphabet stickers;

If you want to present lovely style,

You can choose color saturation bright dot stickers.

Another advantage is that

It allows you to put together a random English name,

This is also part of a unique hand-made cards :)

4. The rope or chain



Can take or pay more attention to real distinctive handmade chain stores when shopping on weekdays,

Decoration on the card so that the card can suddenly become very weighty,

And card is kind of mix of different materials,

To enhance the texture of the card to make the whole lot.

5. Lace

Two pieces of paper collage seams,

It is suitable for increasing the weight with lace,

Lace is also very many size of thickness,

Handmade goods store can recommend to pick some good.


6. paper tape

Paper tape slightly transparent material,

The card can not be completely covered by the background to show off its features,

Hand chic torn exposed irregular edges is my favorite use.

These materials are generally materials to craft can be made,

We can use a lot, next month to see Hello :)

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