'The placebo effect is powerful'


Not everyone is on board with the crystal trend; GP and nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer said: 'There is no robust research to show that placing crystals or gems on the body has any effect on health.
GP and nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer is sceptical about the crystal trend

GP and nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer is sceptical about the crystal trend
'Having said that, there is still a lot we don’t understand about the effects of electromagnetic fields and "energy" flow in the body. Do chakras have a basis in reality? They certainly correspond to nerve plexuses, organs and glands that probably generate more electromagnetic energy than other parts of the body. 
'My favourite definition, from PhysicsForums.com, is that Chakras are "special points on the body through which money can be extracted from Californians."
'If someone believes that crystals have beneficial effects on their health, they may well provide positive effects - the placebo phenomenon is amazingly powerful. 

'The concern is that people who are vulnerable through illness may be persuaded to pay a lot of money for a treatment based on false promises.'
Paulo Lai said: 'Crystals have been user for centuries, have an energy, it takes thousand of years to make a crystal, they have being used to improve emotional and spiritual level. Used as tools they help skin texture and release tension. The purest crystals, diamonds are the symbol of power, and marriage.'

Margo Marrone said: 'If you remove all the new age ideas the science behind it is solid. It is based on the physics of frequency, vibrations and emission of energy. Nicola Tesla the engineer and physicist talked about these forces, as did many other physicists. The fact that crystals contain and emit energy cannot be argued, that is a scientific fact.' 

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