8 models will make your interior space into the universe "super beautiful gem platform." # 2 girls will love!


1. The kitchen is the soul of the home, and then the counter is the most important part of the kitchen! Want your kitchen different, full of beautiful colors and positive energy? Try the Gemstone Countertops!

▲ Gems used in gemstones have hematite, tiger eye, and resin as the base of amethyst and so on. And because it's non-porous, it's very easy to clean.

2. First look at the amethyst gem table! It is one of the most luxurious jewels, composed of different levels of purple, glittering gracefully. Its mysterious and interesting features inspire imagination and inspiration.

▲ This amethyst tabletop in white makes it even more special!

3.Amethyst wash dishes

4.People who like natural gem absolutely can not miss quartz! Quartz's surface is particularly tough, it is smooth and non-porous, perfect resistance to cooking overflowing things.

▲ And do not wax can also maintain luster.

5.Quartz is very wild, whether it is modern or traditional, apple green or light brown, patterns or spots, what kind of design can hold!

▲ Also with glass, chrome, stainless steel, brass, ceramic tile, wood and other materials.

6. Fulla Basalt (Peacock Blue) itself exists just like contemporary avant-garde artwork!

▲ Fulla Basalt is a good choice if you want to change the kitchen too old.

7.In the photo, you can see the Peacock Blue Fulla Basalt with the color of the wood well, with the white walls forming a beautiful contrast. A slight tweaking of light can make the Fulla basalt of different colors exudes a glimmer of light.

8.Wood fossils are made of fossilized trees, giving an impression of exoticism and luster. It is stronger and more durable than normal gemstones, after all, these fossils have more than 20 billion years of history!

▲ The gently mixed brown gives an elegant, solid feel. Definitely a second to upgrade the kitchen ace of ace!

Source: theearthchild

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