Dug "worth 9.1 billion gems" But the fate of frustrations! Fear of "fortune" for local possession every day!


In Brazil, a 50-year-old man named "FG" was discovered a month ago in a 200-meter-deep pit in Carnaiba, Bahia, northeast of the country, accidentally discovering an emerald rock of about 1.3 Meters tall, 794 pounds (about 360 kilograms), because of the high value, let him fear if left at home, will make the lives of his family threatened, but also afraid of stolen jewels, so he kept the gems hidden at different heights Fortification of the place custody.

FG said that this emerald rock is very rare, because the gems inside the volume is large and large, the quality is also very good, he has seen in the industry for 30 years the best. 

He claimed that at present there are only two emerald rocks in the world known to have so many spodumenes and the other one was discovered in the same mine in 2001 but was illegally shipped out of Brazil so that Brazil and the United States are still contending with ownership Right.

In addition gem experts estimate that the emerald rock FG contains 180,000 carats of emerald gems, worth about 238 million pounds (about NT 9.2 billion yuan).

Currently FG has received from the United Arab Emirates, China and other potential buyers in Europe and the United States inquiries, he also considered whether to put on display at domestic museums.

Source: Daily Mail

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