Consumers how to identify whether a natural diamond?


How to distinguish the craft rhinestones

Method One: refractive index. Ground glass fake diamonds are easily distinguished because of its low refractive index, there is no kind of real diamonds flashing colored light, slightly experienced people see at a glance.
Method two: internal and external microscopic characteristics. Synthesis of diamond crystal surface often show unusual patterns of dendritic growth in the {100} plane visible residue quadrilateral seed wafer. Within synthetic diamonds can often see tiny iron or iron-nickel alloy catalyst metal inclusions, observed under these parcels substantially reflective metallic luster under the conditions.

Method three: hardness and thermal conductivity. Synthetic diamonds are relatively low in hardness, thermal conductivity is much lower than in diamond, diamond accurately tell the difference with the instruments.

How to identify CVD synthetic diamonds

craft rhinestones: HPHT synthetic diamonds mostly Ⅰb type; CVD synthetic diamonds are type Ⅱ. Mainly used to distinguish change color diamonds. But the law itself from scientific and technological development point of view, all the instruments are not likely to become the ultimate weapon. Literature data show that there are more large-scale instruments and methods for the detection of rhinestones flat back and optimization of treatment methods, for example, liquid nitrogen cooling technology for visible light absorbance detector, infrared spectroscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, cathodoluminescence and so on.craft rhinestones can be irradiated and high pressure treatment to obtain a variety of bright colors. Press the norm, rhinestone fabric need diamond waist marked "artificial" character, either English or Chinese, and of these more than 100 tablets of rhinestone fabric is not Liangmingshenfen, suppliers have not come with any product description, the current both at home and abroad rhinestones flat back processing base, processing place quite hidden. Diamond difficult to distinguish between true and false, the sale of diamonds on the market often come with certificate of authenticity issued by professional bodies. The old method of detecting easily "Fudge", so industry experts remind consumers, cheap craft rhinestones nearly two without a potential hedge against inflation, buying diamonds should see third-party testing certificate.

The difference between natural diamonds and rhinestone fabric

With diamond prices continue to rise, more and more fiery collection of investment diamonds. So some unscrupulous profiteers began to impersonate natural diamonds rhinestone fabric. But the difference between natural diamonds and craft rhinestones is very difficult, because the synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are made of carbon atoms, arranged in the same crystal lattice, the same physical properties, differ only in crystal defects. However, due to the different synthetic diamonds and diamond growing environment, the market most of the rhinestones flat back will exhibit other non-white color, and this point is easy to depart.

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