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More and more customers will choose the nail manicure posted above, some of the ornaments to achieve decorative effects, especially in Japan nail sector, it is the diamond to the fullest, nail ornaments are basically used jewelry shop decoration accessories used in some industries new to nail manicurist often for a variety of stones, Austria, the Czech drilling, drilling Korea, acrylic drilling, drilling hot, and many can not tell the name is a clue, figure out the difference that today, especially in this topic, propose a personal knowledge of the diamond for everyone to share a little bit, if you make a mistake, welcome advice.
acrylic diamond is a commonly known, it differs we often see plastic and glass acrylic rhinestones. Its main ingredient is artificial diamond crystal, is a complementary piece of jewelry crystal cut diamond facets obtained, this material as it is more economical, while dazzling diamond-like feeling of the visual effect there. So it is subject to high-grade nail shop customers like it, but the nail industry in the amount of drilling only a tiny fraction, the main purpose for the diamond or in the high-end jewelry design.

Austrian drilling that what is it? Austrian diamond is a diamond belonging, and the Czech Republic, like drilling, due to the current major global artificial diamond, located north and south sides of the Rhine, also called acrylic rhinestones. Produced in the North Shore called Austria drilling, Austria drilling short, it draws very sunny, good gloss, of which the most famous is the Swarovski drill, many of the top international jewelry, clothing has used Swarovski drill, Swarovski logo is a little Swan, who have used the Austrian drilling should not be unfamiliar. Born in the south bank is called the Czech drilling. Absorption of sunlight is not very adequate luster better than the Austrian drill. In addition to the Middle East drilling, domestic rhinestone, artificial diamond.

Austrian diamond cutting face up to thirty multi-faceted, so very high refractive index, reflecting the deep sense of brightness, because of its hardness, it is more durable gloss, Austria drilling for diamond in the crowd. Real Austrian drilling section of the market price of grain size of sesame seeds thirty never too low. Currently nail industry used mostly Austrian drilling Swarovski sixteen drill section. And now above the market where there are a lot of people say there is where Austrian drilling, are in fact boast, but the real market circulation drilling Austria are Swarovski's, here you can also learn the drill would be tantamount to Austrian Swarovski.

Czech drilling drilling process Biot worse, but its acrylic rhinestones cutting surface is generally more than a dozen surface, so better refraction can be a reflection of a very bright light, strong hardness, gloss retention in about three years, after the Austrian drilling .

Middle East drilling is some Middle Eastern businessmen in order to meet the market, low-cost manufacturing diamond, so the beginning of the use of the first glance, the Czech drilling is not very different, but the use of one, its gloss retention time is very short, at once bleak.

Knowing this, later want to divide diamond grade a little easier, the easiest method is to drill on the handheld, it is against the light, and if the Austrian drilling, due to its own section of refraction and decomposition of light through the spectrum, you can see the dazzling results. Also due to the different facets of each, it is also the same as the effect of refraction.

Rhinestone according to color can be divided into: white diamond, color diamond (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), diamond

According to shape classification can be divided into: ordinary drill, shaped diamond, shaped diamond can be divided into a diamond drill (opal), trapezoidal drilling, rock stars, no end of drilling.

Use is divided into flat drill, also called hot drill, drill and pointed at the end.

Diamond facets: general diamond eight section, the back is a layer of diamond plating on mercury. Spectral decomposition by refraction section, and it has good brightness and brilliance, the more facets, brightness better.

The Han drilling is how come, is said to be Korean, and see its material, should belong to the glass drilling, acrylic drilling and the like. Glass drilling, acrylic diamond because of their light is not refracted, by the primer in reflection, so its natural splendor will see colorful. Their prices are also relatively less expensive, the current points system is a good point, that is, high hardness, good gloss, and the property of drilling Korea, the classification of the continent badly drilled. It is worth noting that something like light oil itself has some corrosion, acrylic drilling of some poor surface coated with a light oil will lay out, it looked bleak.
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