The difference between crystal glass and zircon


[Material 1-- CZ]
Cubic zirconia, also known as "Soviet diamond" or "Soviet rock", is a highly zirconia crystals, luster and hardness and relatively easy to wear, usually with clip inserts way to do processing, zircon is a special gem it has a higher refractive index and strong dispersion, because it is similar to the diamond in appearance, thus known as comparable with crystal diamond.

Zircon - known as comparable with diamond gem, workmanship more time-consuming, costly, non-sticky glue drilling, inlaid into zircon, even if the bottom (back) may also see the whole complete pieces of zircon.

[Material 2 - crystal glass]
Man-made glass ornaments collectively stones, also known as Czech Diamond, Austria diamond.
crystal diamond - rhinestones eight general section, the back of the diamond is plated on a layer of mercury skin. By section of the condenser, it has good brightness, multi-slice, the better brightness.

[Material 3 - Swarovski Crystal]
Crystal in Europe, as long as the leaded glass reaches 10%, the crystal can be called, because more than 10% lead to a degree after the performance in terms of refraction will be much higher than the average glass, or even more than natural crystal beautiful! With superior quality, innovative design sense, and leading crystal cutting technology, there are registered trademarks and counters, and crystal products of their own design, in addition to being the world's leading supplier of crystal materials, Swarovski has long become fashion crystal synonymous.

NOTE: Swarovski, Austria, also known as Swan brand, is famous crystal glass products and processing high-grade civil optical instrument brands. Crystal is not natural crystal Swarovski, is artificial leaded glass, or can be called acrylic gemstones.

Swarovski acrylic gemstones - exudes the perfect colorful light. Not only synonymous with man-made crystal products, but also a symbol of culture. It has an irreplaceable value, that is - fun.

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