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Recently a woman after being Taichung stores received 40,000 yuan cell phone stickers drill ultra-high costs, caused a public outcry. Teach paste drill years handicrafts teacher Tian Ming Chu said that although the diamond a different level, but that the use of rhinestones plastered across the top back of the phone, the cost is only a few thousand dollars. In addition, for beginners, once you have the choice and the amount of glue, diamond size and three-dimensional surface with paste method, even a novice can simply posted Bling Bling dazzling artificial diamond !
reported Liu Yan US   photographic Ye Renjie


Paste drill small tricks that

Selected glue:
Tian Pearl teacher suggested the use of inexpensive, quick-drying, less residual glue glass adhesive for glass paste, precious stones, semi-precious stones, convenient than using AB glue; adhesive Synthetic diamonds unless arcuate bottom surface, was replaced with AB glue. 

Hotels Size:
Common stones have 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and other dimensions, the gap between large stones used a small-sized artificial diamond to fill up, standing at the junction of decent size too small adhesive would be more beautiful. 

James drill rod:
Sticky diamond imitations is quite time-consuming craft, but stick with the drill rod substituted tweezers, you can save a lot of time.  

Playing background:
If the Synthetic diamonds to stick on the existing color objects, it is recommended to diamond color and background color match between the stones so revealing background will not obtrusive.  

Small hook:
Materials and tools: 3 to 4 sizes number of diamond pieces, table hook, dip drill rods, cotton, alcohol, glass glue, toothpicks, red oily pen


Up water with alcohol to wipe clean the surface of the table hook.


Red Hook surface oily pen to draw a pattern love. 


After the glass glue stick toothpicks, along the border of love Tu 1 cm, and then paste stones; so every sticky 1 cm.


Continue to love again good sticky paste inside the frame, the size of the diamond imitations can be staggered paste, so that the gap between the drill small as possible. 


Heart the outside area is a small diamond imitations graded by size rhinestones plastered be staggered.


Table hook for hanging the bag, becomes shining and extravagance, also has its own unique design oh.
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