acrylic crystals and natural diamonds What is the difference?


Diamonds are noble and luxurious decorations, mosaic natural diamond jewelry
Jewelery crown. However, due to the scarce and expensive diamonds, especially diamond larger particles, most people are prohibitive. So, with cheap stones, artificial diamonds or even glass instead of posing as diamond activity is secretly or openly intensified, imitation diamond business is increasingly prosperous again. According to statistics, the common kinds of fake diamonds total of 13 species, imitation diamond materials are: natural colorless stones (such as crystal, etc.), synthetic cubic zirconia (also known as the Soviet drill, drill Switzerland), strontium titanate, yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG), gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG), the synthesis of silicon carbide (moissanite) as well as glass and the like.

When buying a diamond or diamond-encrusted jewelry, and they asked their composition, in order to correctly measure the price. Do not be vague, so-called 'real diamonds' on the market and deceived. If you want to buy a real diamond, be sure to buy with international certification (GIA) or national certificate of product.

Crystal and topaz

Both natural mineral transparent crystals, after pondering a bit like a
crystal glass, but the lack of flashing colored lights. And they are "non-homogeneous body", while the diamond is "homogeneous body", a polarizing instrument easy to distinguish.Synthetic sapphire

Colorless and transparent synthetic sapphire and figure can also be used as a substitute for diamonds. But it almost disappear in the "diiodomethane" rather dark edge of real diamonds, very clear.Natural Zircon

Before synthetic cubic zirconia appear, zircon is the best diamond substitute. Zircon has a strong birefringence, that is, it has two refractive index, and the refractive index difference between the two is large. Resulting a very special optical phenomenon, observed with a magnifying glass when pondering good zircon facet gem, it can be seen from its top surface and the bottom of the ridge there is a clear double shadow. While the diamond because it is "homogeneous body", no double image phenomenon.Synthetic rutile

Rutile is a common natural mineral, its composition is titanium dioxide, due to its refractive index (2.61-2.90) is even higher than diamonds (2.42), it can appear as bright bright flash after pondering gem , and can change the rainbow appears, it is very beautiful. Unfortunately, almost all natural rutile is opaque, so 1947 was the first by the US companies lead the system out of synthetic rutile. Which were used as a transparent colorless diamond substitute or counterfeit goods, its colorful flash than real diamonds, often referred to as the "five diamond" or "colored diamond." But because there is a strong refractive index of rutile, zircon and so, like a magnifying glass to see the bottom of the ridge can be significant double vision from the top surface, it is easy to distinguish the diamond. In addition, the "five diamond" because of overly bright flash, and with no clear milky light, so there is a sense of vulgarity, far less elegant diamond flash cute.Synthetic cubic zirconia (ie "Soviet artificial diamonds" or Switzerland crystal glass)

This was the first launch of the former Soviet Union over the diamond substitute or bogus products, artificial compounds, no natural minerals. Since the synthetic cubic zirconia (Switzerland drill) come out, a variety of other man-made gem materials, used as the only other middle and low gem substitutes, without fake diamond grinding again, this is due to the Swiss drilled in refractive index, dispersion, aspects of natural diamonds is very close, so now it has become the most widely used diamond market alternatives. Nevertheless, the Swiss drill still can not meet people's growing diamond simulation requirements, there are three main reasons, the first is the Swiss drill Color Taebaek, and generally for the D color; the second is the lack of surface diamond texture, a certain sense of plastic this gives a little real feeling; last point is the Swiss drill wearing a long time, the surface will appear fog and discoloration, and then slowly lose their luster. Therefore, it is an urgent need for a new and better materials to substitute Swiss diamond.acrylic crystals

Synthetic diamonds, is the use of a specific technology has produced the same structure as natural diamonds substance molecules. crystal glass used for industrial sector. So far, in the jewelry industry, there are several companies to sell synthetic diamonds known, they are "Apollo Diamond," "Chatham Created Gems," "Gemesis" or "Tairus". Synthetic diamonds are synthetic real diamond, so in terms of market price, the price is very high, the price of natural diamonds is about 1 / 3-1 / 5.Moissanite (Moissanite)

Moissanite (Moissanite): American Crane developed by development and production, processing and sales of the company's unified American C3 synthetic moissanite, has entered the Chinese jewelry market. C3 company publicity this product is "unique, created in the laboratory a new gem." It has the main features of gem (beautiful, durable, rare) and diamond (diamond) are very similar, thus causing the industry and consumers to pay close attention. Its English name is Synthetic Moissanite, Chinese translation has not yet unified, have called: synthesis of silicon carbide, Moissanite, synthetic moissanite, Moi Sang synthetic stone, synthetic moissanite, synthetic moissanite, SiC drilling, etc. ; Xiamen Kindu company when C3 companies China distribution agent such as a new product called "Mozambique drill." Most scholars tendency called "synthetic moissanite." At first glance, Mozambique and? Stone? O fractionation? E, even? X also? ^ Too close to call, but Aberdeen? See? l now Mozambique's colorful than fire? More ?? stone. In ?? I? X under control? Y ?, Mozambique fire that? 2.5 times the stone. ? In the firelight, the stone is 0.044, Mozambique is 0.104;? The refraction, the stone was 2.42 Mozambique was 2.65 and refraction fire Mozambique are more than stone?. On the Mohs hardness? 10 stone, Mozambique is 9.25, much higher than other iron ore. But Mozambique's sale? R average is equivalent to one-tenth of iron ore as a acrylic crystals, its price is slightly higher.

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