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In general, we often hear there are several rhinestones do?
Three kinds of it, that is the Korean stones, Czech stones, with advanced Swarovski rhinestones.
And each loose crystals, also can be roughly classified into three patterns with prices.
That is color diamond, white diamond five, with AB color diamond (five color diamond).
Price, is also color diamond <white five diamond <AB color diamond.

Korean rhinestones, loose crystals is essentially a kind of belonging.
But it does not look like a very Som acrylic drilling coffee, very good Korean stones or have a certain brightness.
So my friends budgeted, with South Korea diamond is a very wise choice.
How good is called Korea diamond?
We suggest that you can from section integrity section of amount, the drill is uniform staining respectively.
So the average cutting surface intact, the more quantity section, more uniform dyeing diamond drilling, is quite good.
The following diagram Korean diamond is a better grade, color uniformity, eight section, cut the average complete.

Next came the Czech stones, Czech stones in the past few years has been a major breakthrough, and that is progress from 8 to 12 section section.
Of course, Czech stones is brighter than Korea plastic crystals, but the price is relatively high number.
A diamond with a horn section, very uniform color, 12-cut, this is it your truth ah!
Why should special emphasis on the Czech drilling in recent years major breakthroughs are upgrading from section 8 to section 12?
Some costume makers because Taiwan will Czech diamond imitations with Swarovski paste mixed together, and then tell all Swarovski drill all the clothes of the guests.
Since the Czech Republic is now sorted Swarovski plastic crystals to do with the color number color, except section AB color because not enough, not enough light, the rest is really a few false spurious!
Prices Czech diamond Swarovski cheaper than about one-third, so so manufacturers can save a little money.
Below is PRECIOSA Czech rhinestones, is a very good brand, and even the British DSI costume manufacturers are using this brand of Czech stones, so the quality is guaranteed it!

Finally, the famous Swarovski rhinestones, super shiny!
Identify exactly how your rhinestones is not Swarovski it?
Here provide some simple methods.
First you have to know your rhinestones model.
About three years ago Swarovski Corporation will original 2012 model 12 facets diamond, revision to section 14 of the 2028 models.
The 14 section of styles, all aspects are seven 7 small, add up to 14 section.
We can count a number of photos from below, is really seven 7 small section.
Aspect is something very important, especially for AB drilling, the section is to determine the brightness of the key!

Of course, we might say, because Swarovski Corporation three years ago, does not produce 2012 models, so the rhinestones dealers all over the world, there may be some inventory is 2012.
So these old stones, will be the dealer cheaper clearing to costume makers, but now have to find the old rhinestones have been very very very easy.
So if you have a costume on hand, the same color found in two different facets of the diamond imitations, or simply cut all are 12, should be there at the end in mind.

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