Qiao Ling Bodyface Swarovski acrylic gemstones ultra-stylish ear stickers - in fact secretly massage!


We all know that there are a lot of ear acupuncture points,

So often heard my mother speak Do not ear piercing, acupuncture points to destroy;

From time to time there are massage the ear, there is a whole body massage ~~ (point I)

Remember that acupuncture points have similar stickers, magnets stimulate acupuncture points can make all day,

Play the role of massage ~

This is a long way

But the drawback is that ugly, unsightly ~~This industry had improved acupuncture stickers,Join the sparkling Swarovski crystal glass, can not only have a beautiful role,Massage also has the effect of acupuncture points !!Therefore applied for a patent (including Taiwan, Japan and mainland China),More marketing to Japan, the United States, South Korea, etc. ..,Taiwan's beauty industry is really very creative, which is part of Taiwan light it!Qiao Ling Bodyface in fact already been established more than 20 years,Chinese medicine is mainly to promote scientific beauty therapy to diet for the characteristics of the ear chain of beauty institutions.Then take a look at this exclusive crystal diamond ear Yang snow therapy it !!Genuine packaging is very texture of the box, the price NT1,500.Size is divided into 2mm-4mm, there are different colors according to different dimensions:4mm- red, blue, yellow, black, white, pink, blue, purple;3mm - white;2mm - white, blue, pink.Monolithic Packing: 15/1 (each piece of snow were drilling a single color, single size)Do not underestimate this piece of Oh! But 1,500 yuan worth it ~This is the size of 4mm white (in terms of meaning is a colorless acrylic gemstones)

 Looks much better than the United States posted the original acupuncture points, and it also reduced the size of many,

Swarovski rhinestones texture with gloss above are good,

Street vendors can not match crystal diamond ~

 But this looks like just a crystal glass paste it, how will the role of acupuncture points and massage it?

The original mystery behind ~

Behind every diamond has posted a Japanese original beads,

Is this tiny beads, 24-hour massage for the ear to stimulate the meridians,

According to different points rather slowly to be effective ~

 First posted a look, really from the appearance that can not be seen is affixed acupuncture points,

Much like paste diamond earrings feel ~~

(Left is not open flash; the right is open flash)

From a distance, transparent stickers section, in fact, not very clear, only the people intentionally close look will find.

And quite sticky sticker,

Do not be afraid to say tiny beads suddenly lost ~~

You can use a normal speaking 5-7 days, when the adhesive is not necessary replaced.

Crystal is the additional income, machine attached to the bags, mobile phone shell, camera ...,

Otherwise expensive, of course, in order to be able to have a method of re-use @@

Let's look at the second teeth labeled sense (not open flash)

Because I found my ear model not so flat, somewhat difficult to stick, but to stick at the top -

(Left is not open flash; the right is open flash)

Auricular acupoints is purely physical one external method, a method to provide home care,

So there would be no risk of invasive with injury ~

A special feature is, Bodyface added aesthetic concept,

So auricular acupoints become more fashionable,

Traditional Chinese medicine can also be lively up, so that young girls understand the significance of the ear.

And even if the paste is over, you can also put a beautiful Swarovski acrylic gemstones snow close up secondary use,

diy on your accessories ^^

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