A acrylic crystals is forever?


Diamonds are neither rare nor valuable. In fact, diamonds are very common mineral on Earth, in Europe and America, it has a good cut diamonds outnumber cars. Although they are very expensive, but it is difficult to like merchandise free trade, because of second-hand diamond prices much lower than the original price. Natural beauty of diamonds has also been reflected light can be replaced with crystals beads. If you do not have that traditional acrylic crystals romantic image, it may not worth it.

Artificially drive up the formation of expensive

Expensive expensive acrylic crystals in South Africa is a company De Beers, the successful use of the results from the marketing. De Beers dominated the rhinestones crystals supply 80 percent of the world (Editor's note: This is the 1980s, in 2006 still accounted for an estimated 60% Source Wikipedia), under stringent production Control, De Beers succeeded in maintaining rhinestones crystals the artificially high prices. By shaping a diamond eternal romantic image, greatly reducing the holders to sell diamonds in diamonds, even the Great Depression, people will still try to retain rather than sell the crystals beads, because it may have special holders significance.

Supply exceeds demand

The world's supply of diamonds have been more than it needs, logically speaking, should decline in value of the acrylic crystals become very cheap fishes. However, De Beers continued to buy on the market through extra diamond to maintain its high prices, it is estimated that at present only, De Beers has already amassed more than ten billion dollars worth of crystals beads. De Beers also support the long, sustained buying diamonds on the market, no one can answer.

The exploitation of cheap labor

Most of the world's diamonds, Africa or Russia are poor miners mined diamonds, diamond three-quarters of workers by extreme poverty in India complete the cut, most or child labor, labor is every cut a stone four dollars.
 The United States because De Beers unethical exploitation of labor, and prohibit the company set up shop selling diamonds in the United States, but, ironically, through other brokers to sell, the United States remains the largest De Beers diamond market.

Successful advertising and marketing

De Beers success in the world loose crystals, can be said to be a perfect example of a near-total exclusive. De Beers always stimulate demand for diamonds, on the other hand to reduce the supply of rhinestones crystals, even after the invention of artificial diamonds singular GE, De Beers was able to successfully maintain the image of the perfect high-priced diamonds. In fact, De Beers spends more than 160 million dollars in advertising costs to deliver the "Diamonds are Forever A diamond is forever," the message continued rhinestones crystals romantic legend.This South African company in 1888 founded De Beers took a century to persuade the Americans to accept Europe with a diamond ring as a wedding ring tradition. 1950, the same miracle has played in Japan, De Beers will transfer successful Western wedding culture to Japan and Asia, Japan has since become the world's second largest diamond consumer market.Colored birds did not like this luxury, but I never knew the diamond behind such stories. The original crystals beads is a very common mineral, is just one company an exclusive and drive up prices, and the way is the use of labor exploitation and mining diamonds.When I read this, I was really surprised! Also felt the power of advertising media influence people's thinking, you can imagine this huge money De Beers company, consumer markets in various countries and influence the media advertising industry, so those of us little people did not hear the real story of these diamonds He accepted the De Beers wanted to instill in everyone's ideas.In the next film, advertising, seen on the star shining crystals beads, I do not think this is the romantic image of celebrities, but think of the poor living in African diamond miners hunger, ignorance and poor public spending big money.
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