DIY artificial diamond red shoes


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The above sticky full artificial diamond, pretty good ~ I almost blind a flash

After a closer look for a while, I could not find my next work

Suddenly thought, maybe buy a plain red-soled shoes to sticky loose crystals, can have a great effect.

Despite her husband worried, did you get to the lipstick-soled shoes silver fish

With an unusual Folly, he began to stick up !!

From the beginning of the heel stick

Neither shoe with sticky all over, kinda the same thing ~

Extending from the hips to the back with waist - a little blue with yellow acrylic gems cross, not the color of the surrounding reaction, but the artificial diamond itself polarizing color ~~~

 After changing his shoes inside of the front sticky,

 After dozens of hours of work, stick on thousands of large and small pieces of Swarovski artificial diamond after

I finished (sprinkle flower ~~~~~~~~~

Front and rear view of the control diagram

 On sticky acrylic gems appear loose crystals clear

After transformation side, with several acrylic gems of different sizes, so that the whole pair of shoes just to flash more and more beautiful

Proud and magnificent back line for each different size loose crystals so that light refracted out from different angles

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