Why Swarovski acrylic crystals elements?


Swarovski brand story

Since 1895, Swarovski has followed founder Daniel Swarovski (Daniel Swa-rovski) the purpose of improving the crystal cutting process. His dedication to the pursuit of innovative design, so to win the internationally renowned Swarovski jewelry and accessories brand in the world. Today, the Swarovski family still adhering to the tradition, for girls around the world to create a unique fashion style.

Crystal elements are used in what place?

With acrylic crystals to enhance value-added products are many manufacturers have done, such as is used in Gwangyang Many locomotives, all kinds of fine necklace hand bags, especially Tide brand single product accessories are also very often see, is sufficient prove its market (consumers) pivotal charm, just goolge a search you can now see a lot of ~ ~ just choose your favorite color, easy DIY creativity, we can fashion their own value-added products beloved ! 

The following is a very popular abroad pinterest also collected various types of acrylic diamond paste applications, from motor vehicles to jewelry accessories, high heels, cups, dresses, sunglasses ... everything can be said, there are some eye-catching color design and creativity. acrylic gems paste can be said without limitation, to see how many amazing ideas waiting for you to explore! 


How to choose the drill to avoid buying fake?

Swarovski acrylic gems elements have a perfect 14 section, other acrylic diamond cut is generally 8 to 12, with the naked eye in the light irradiation can count out; otherwise known as 14 cut imitation Austrian drilling, mining film is formed, and the quality of its section is completely unable to be compared, it is clear there is no appearance of mercury at the end. If the purchase Swarovski acrylic crystals elements big bag 1440, will have the following full Swarovski original packaging

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