Yourself DIY super gorgeous pearl shell acrylic gemstones mobile phone


Market to sell mobile phone shell, already can not meet the grass is always greener, I own one is unique, as the market can not find a second

Sent a small bag, take up very light, open to a newspaper stuffed ~

Open to the material, this time to buy two models, a purple elegant models, the other is white deluxe edition!

Left: there are all the white section of the material, the material to very full, less material will be affixed afraid not enough
Right: AB glue, by definition - that is, A and B adhesive glue mixed with viscose, the seller recommends using this glue, will stick was in prison, so I used the Hello! (You can buy stationery, set about about NT $ 40 million)
Bring their own tools: clip ~ (the girls commonly eyebrow clip can also be used with, may not have to spend money to buy more)

 White to acquire start - on the left is not started before the white template, the right is my cell phone (cell phone is expected to want to make the pattern)

Look at the halfway stage of construction (home living room), it is quite chaotic, also took place computer station lithographic film, in fact, while construction while watching the movie, it is a pleasure not want to come?


Commenced, the first large flowers and loose crystals singled out, according to design their own minds like to arrange a combination of determined good to go bold sticky.

 Sticky flowers above large flowers and loose crystals, in fact, are not difficult! The biggest difficulty is that - take small pieces of pearl stick up.

Now, clamps live, it would have to use another secret weapon "toothpick"! Pearl stick some gum, toothpicks and then pushed it eight is diy mobile phone shell hardest part of.

After about 40 minutes ...... It has been half completed faster, than it! In addition, when affixed small pearls, I was in the middle of the seller to send a few acrylic gemstones, vaguely looks like it will be more faint flickers do !

Total time about 90 minutes, DIY super gorgeous acrylic gemstones ~ complete!

As for the "price" Most people are concerned, this is a very fire Price: 26 yuan, equivalent to less than NT $ 130 yuan, definitely more than the price after production is complete, the market frequently than the take-off of 400 to 500 yuan acrylic rhinestones mobile phone shell appear to be more valuable, is not it?

Family, colleagues looked liked it, I have to ask this phone case is not expensive? ~ Really elated right afterwards learned that it was to do DIY, the reaction is also considerable, keeps complimenting the palace (suspected?) Hand craft nice coincidence, Oh! The truth really is not hard friends ~

And DIY, short time to concentrate on doing one thing, in fact, there are quite "healing" feature is highly recommended to also like DIY friends Hey!
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