Phone shell paste acrylic crystals every day for new clothes ‧DIY self-adhesive section


Piano models are acrylic gems, pearls as well as the other two is to use cloth roses and daisies flowers for decoration

About acrylic stones paste tool
I bought "a suit"

There E6000 glue, clips, two triangular plates, drill point pen, transparent film
Transparent film I never use
E6000 glue convenient place is unlike AB glue, we need to reconcile
And this I think there is no real glue smell ... it transparent, does not stick to the hands is also very good care Clear

Clip is used to clip for pearls, pearls with a acrylic gems pen point will be very easy to fall
At first I did not know the drill pen to cut
I would like to say how so difficult to stick with ~ are not together
Had to have it shaved like a pencil! This is better since sticky acrylic stones ^^

I do not have very detailed process under complete record of sticky Phone Case ~
But there are a few pictures of what you can see the meaning of meaning

 "Piano acrylic stones paste shell phone"

The picture is my original phone shell
It is soft plastic, you can see my pig is cut into half appearance

I bought a three pack material, but only buy two additional novice cabinet
Originally envisioned is that we need an old phone shell paste directly

Old phone shell, start a spent light water, say can wipe out the original pattern above
But the effect is poor, and finally I went to the kitchen to get scouring pads to clean yo .... brush immediately next two or three

 Piano section is a sticker, so you stick on your phone case
Then follow the above pattern sticker to stick acrylic gems

However, stickers are not completely docile phone shell, also we need to cut
I will have a beginning piano keys are labeled there, then stick the photo arrow after that period
Put the remaining sticker cut, because in fact just fine piano keys sticky
Even without the sticker or can be attached to an auxiliary well

If you look at the past I had finished piano phone shell, can start now before the bottom two rows of the black keys are black
((Because the sticker is that it is black))
But the next acrylic crystals keys, the bottom is the original phone shell color

Phone shell stickers saying, I want to be very careful
Because the microphone chirp ((my bird)) has been the black acrylic crystals as her feed
Will fly down to peck eat stones, let me surprise
Finally, put her up to a good sticky, the next day I can still see a black acrylic gems in her poo in
((Fortunately, there are pull out ....))

After they had finished the piano really great sense of accomplishment ~
Three mobile phone shell, in the case of the most difficult piano stickers, because you want to align acrylic gems dolphin
The most expensive
of the work 

"Luxury perspective Pearl Little Daisy Phone Case"

This time there is no photo posted

Also buy a new phone shell, pearls will be affixed to both sides
But there is no up and down the cell phone shell coating, so it will not stick to

In short, the first volume of the largest flowers and pearls after a good stick
We began together with other small pearl !!
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