What is a acrylic gemstones? What is Swarovski Crystal?


Crystal is a known, the main ingredient is a acrylic jewel,acrylic gemstones is a acrylic diamond cut into diamond facets obtained, this material because it is more economical, while diamond-like eye-catching visual effects feeling there, so it is welcomed by the people.
rhinestones generally used for mid-range of acrylic gemstones, since the previous global high-grade artificial crystal glass manufacturing base, located in the Rhine north and south sides, so called rhinestones.
Produced in the North Shore called Austria Swarovski diamond, referred to or Austria Swarovski diamond drill good gloss. Southbank called Czech drilling, luster better than the Austrian drill, drill there in the Middle East, domestic rhinestones, acrylic drilling.Austrian Swarovski Crystal: the cutting surface can be up to thirty of its multi-faceted, so a high refractive index, which reflects the deep sense of height, because of its hardness, gloss retention so enduring, this diamond diamond in the crowd. (Real Austrian drilling market price of grain size of sesame seeds not less than 1.5 yuan)"Swarovski" stones produced in 1895 in Austria, with its unique acrylic jewel inlay work known. 18th century, automatic crystal cutting machine Daniel Swarovski invention to market, thereby opened the door to fantasy. Since then, the crystal morphology can be ever-changing, so that hidden poetic charm dripping play. Swarovski is not only synonymous with man-made crystal products, but also a symbol of culture. It has an irreplaceable value, that is ── fun. Currently Swarovski in the world there are many plants, so Swarovski only represents a quality, not necessarily produced in Austria. Czech stones: diamond cutting surface is generally more than a dozen of its surface, so better refraction can be a reflection of a very bright light, its hardness than the gloss retention in about three years, second only to diamond. (The real market price of a sesame seed Czech drill size not less than 0.7 yuan) in the Middle East and domestic diamond and other stones: These stones are some of the manufacturers to meet the market, low-cost manufacturing diamond, the quality is lower than the Czech stones 
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