Regardless of the season of small single-product [ViDa'S Austria acrylic diamonds straps]


Winter is coming

Do not think that is not important La strap

Sometimes accidentally exposed to extra points


Today, everyone is a demonstration of acrylic rhinestone shoulder strap

  ViDa'S Austria rhinestone straps

The first is gold color gold PLASTIC STONE hit bottom around the neck section

Although it seems a lot of color but in fact is wild section

 Just with a plain shirt

Hit color PLASTIC STONE will have the effect of finishing touch

So wear plain clothes and are not afraid of people under a high

 And I'm a little heavier effort

When the bottom will pick rose gold acrylic rhinestone straps

Rose gold color will bring a significant effect white

Vida'S strap is the use of their home
16 diamond cutting surface, the gloss is not drained away
If you go this time the black misty restaurant intentionally walked beneath the moving lights will sparkle


PLASTIC STONE straps and fear most is to bite the skin

I usually have the habit of wearing a necklace and easy to allergies

Be sure to bring K gold or silver will not

((Thank my mother brought me this skin it ... haha

So I chose acrylic rhinestone straps will choose gold-plated

So as not to skin allergies ...!

After all straps are going to take a whole day

An additional benefit is that acrylic diamonds shoulder strap! Can not too much jewelry accessories

So lazy outfit can be regarded as a single product it is necessary

 Another PLASTIC STONE shoulder strap I chose the basic models

We should have closet bar

Because there is no conflict with them to dress

 This acrylic diamonds straps and a full 90 drilled in the above

How bright the dead will take

Female effort necessary

Vida'S Austria acrylic rhinestone shoulder strap because it is not gold-plated rust

But still have to avoid hitting the water loo

At this time we should say ((that sweat how to do it

Sweat moistened cloth to take home as long as wipe wipe clean silver

Stored in a dry space on it

Save is also very convenient

 We can rest assured that the length of the strap problem

Vida'S because they have a home in the back of each shoulder strap design can adjust the length of the chain

Like gold-plated chain and is not afraid of rust

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