What is the acrylic gem?


artificial diamond is a commonly known, is becoming the main loose crystals, is one kind of jewelry accessories man-made acrylic gem cut into diamond facets obtained, this material because it is more economical, while the eye-catching diamond-like feeling of the visual effect there. So popular was welcomed, stones are generally used for mid-range of jewelry design.

  Due to the current global man-made artificial diamond manufacture, located in the Rhine north and south sides, so called loose crystals. Produced in the North Shore called Austria Swarovski diamond, referred to as the Austrian drilling. It attracts very sunny, good gloss, called the south bank of the Czech drilling. Absorb sunlight is not very adequate luster better than the Austrian drill. Most of our products are Austrian drilling small part of the Czech drilling. Now some manufacturers to adopt domestic piracy kg drill, made of glass in kg bargaining.

Diamond classification:  

By color can be divided into: 
white diamond, color diamond (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), diamond (also in AB drilling), color AB drill (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.).

According to the shape classification can be divided into:  
ordinary drill, shaped acrylic gem, diamond shaped diamond can be divided into the drill (horse eye stone), ladder drills, satellite stone, no end of drilling.

Diamond facets:
general loose crystals eight section, the back is a layer of diamond plating on mercury skin. By section of the condenser, it has good brightness, multi-slice, the better brightness, Swarovski is the first to discover the crystal glass section of people.
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