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Last November, Mills (Calvin Mills) for the fiancee bought a 2.62 kt diamond acrylic ring. While this is definitely a rare top grade acrylic diamonds, canary yellow diamond acrylic stones for $ 22,000. This is a relatively favorable price. Mills is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the city of CMC technology consulting firm (CMC Technology Consulting) Chief Executive Officer. His fiancee to buy is made of a synthetic diamond ring. If it is a similar size and fineness of natural diamonds, the price need to add tens of thousands of dollars. "This is my little money to buy a big diamond ring." He said. Mills was a member of the Southern University baseball team. Last year, the team at his alma mater in New Orleans Super Dome (Superdome) participate in the competition, in which an intermission, he proposed to his fiancee.

On the $ 80 billion global diamond acrylic market, acrylic stones only a very small share, but because consumers want to buy cheap, and there is no moral issue diamonds, so the demand for acrylic diamonds gradually increase. Human rights organizations at the Hollywood legend widely "blood diamonds" argument, calling attention to the role of diamond mining in Africa, fueling conflicts in play.

And CZ (cubic zirconia, a zirconia crystals, first synthesized by Soviet scientists, as a diamond substitute) Fangzuan etc. The difference is that the physical properties from the laboratory "grow" out of the diamond and chemical composition identical to natural diamonds. By placing the seed into a full carbon methane gas or other carbonaceous microwave warehouse, ultra-high temperature by heating it, so that it becomes a hot plasma ball. Particles produced in this way is then crystallized to form a diamond, the whole process takes 10 weeks. At present, this technology has made great strides, diamond experts need special equipment to distinguish the acrylic stones and diamond mines and rivers from natural diamonds. 

 Including Wal-Mart and Buffett's Helzberg Diamonds (Helzberg Diamonds), including retailers have begun to sell diamond acrylic. Headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel, a director of industry consulting firm Tacy's Evan Zohar (Chaim Even-Zohar) said: "For modern young consumers, if they get a diamond, they will care about their is the synthesis of the ground or extracted from the ground here? survey results ", headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium consulting company Gemdax showed that the 18-35-year-old North American consumers surveyed, only 45% expressed a preference for natural diamonds . A partner Gemdax of Ejiawoer (Anish Aggarwal) said: "The alternative to natural diamonds are unavoidable part of the trend." But he did not want to disclose the sponsor of the survey. Gemdax Company believes that, in order to better understand consumer attitudes, the need for more research.

The company occupies a leading position in the natural diamond market, such as Russia's Alrosa Gems (Alrosa) and De Beers (De Beers, based in London, a subsidiary of Anglo American) believe that the popular man-made diamonds will not a threat to their business, because "man-made diamonds market share is still very small," the company's Chief Executive Officer Renaissance diamonds Koper (Neil Koppel) said. Koppel Supply diamond products in stores in 10 US cities in Boca Raton, Florida laboratory to Helzberg Diamonds. According to research firm Frost & Sullivan estimates that last year, the production of artificial diamonds about 36 million carats and mined natural diamonds in 2013 was as high as 146 million karats. By 2018, the laboratory production of diamond production could reach 200 million carats expected to further increase in 2026-2000 Wan carats.

 De Beers noted that the results of their investigation showed that consumers are not acrylic diamonds compared to natural diamonds. The company believes that diamond acrylic are more and fashion jewelry for the market. De Beers said in a statement: "the value of its unique spiritual story behind the diamond closely, including its formation, historical significance and emotional aspects, and acrylic diamonds are missing connotation in this regard." In July, diamond mining company made in a major marketing campaign victory: because the international organization for standardization (international organization for standardization) ruled that acrylic stones must be named as "synthetic diamonds", "lab generation" or "lab-created" in diamonds, non-real natural diamonds.Diamond sales in New York jewelry company Gem Lab, the acrylic stones accounted for only 5%. According to vice president of the company's Casa Reno (Paul Cassarino) presentation, one-carat acrylic stones costs about $ 6,000, while a similar sized natural diamonds for $ 10,000. Singapore IIA Technologies is the world's largest manufacturer of acrylic diamonds, synthetic diamonds 3.04 kt which sells for $ 23,000, similar to the size and fineness of natural diamond costs about $ 40,000. CEO of IIA Mehta (Vishal Mehta) said: "We are building a new industry consumers now do agree environmentally friendly, non-controversial idea of ​​morality which is diamond acrylic diamond consumers the most attractive selling point. "IIA synthesized in the laboratory did not disclose the cost of a diamond.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon company Harlo Interactive's digital marketing officer Dekker (Danny Decker) plans to use a platinum ring ring 1 karat diamond ring to its synthetic exchanges four years girlfriend to marry him. Store the ring is at a local named MiaDonna to purchase approximately $ 7,000, which specializes in retail "conflict-free engagement ring." He said the choice was made by the 2006 movie "Blood Diamond" effect, filming in Sierra Leone by ‧ Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) starring. Decker said: "These things associated with the diamond, where they come from, how to produce and the like, as compared to their production method, the impact on the environment and the role played by the armed conflict, it does not matter behind them. I do not want to have anything to do in the final analysis, I think in my practical actions to protect the environment, and this is the reason I chose acrylic diamonds "- Hannah Murphy, Thomas Biesheuvel, Sonja Elmquist;.. Anqi translation
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