2017 summer rammed nail: sea crystal color, charm and elegance!


Geode crystals are those sedimentary rocks in the geological layer, similar to the crystal but more historical flavor, the recent crystal color nail began to pop up in the ins, the trend of hot pursuit of the early fishnet stockings.
This often used in the lip gloss, hair color on the nail gradually become the new trend.
No matter what your nail shape is, Geode Crystal Nail is perfect for you.

With Xiaobian following appreciate Geode crystal nail in the end how beautiful it!

"Agate" inspiration crystal nail

Amethyst Geode Nail ▼

Black and white + agate gray ▼

「Black Scrub + Amethyst」 crystal nail ▼

"Black + Amethyst" crystal ▼


About Geode Crystal Nail, usually agate lines, emeralds, amethysts and other crystal colors, in addition to any crystal color is very color.

You can also use Geode crystal color mix black and white, pink, the same is very attractive.

Black background, silver glitter, amethyst crystal and marble embellishment, unusual color. ▼

"Golden + black flash" crystal nail art, very bold. ▼

"Black + Purple" crystal nail art. ▼

"Blue + gemstone green + orange" crystal nail art. ▼

Gemstone green crystal nail art. ▼

In addition to pure crystal color, you can also mix and match the light pink, make you more shine, suitable for banquets or parties and other occasions, add your queen temperament.

Gemstone green crystal nail + lip gloss. ▼

Golden Crystal Nail ▼

"White + purple + blue" crystal nail ▼

Three-dimensional crystal nail beauty ▼

"Pink + sapphire + pearl" crystal nail ▼


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