Homemade gems do not ask people (?) - Paul Li plastic mold


In order to COS clothing strange gem shape in trouble?

Always can not find the gems you want and smashed handicraft shop?

Because Xiaoming scarf above the gem shape ran all major handicraft shops all did not find it is going to mold their own filling

This material is already the third time using Polyurethane, turning the mold is the second time
No use of epoxy resin because polygala (POLY) cheaper relationship, this time spent a lot of money will soon eat

So the material is as follows:
1. Polyethylene cans (additional hardener)
- In the famous is to buy a can of 85 yuan, very large pot

It is quite scary to see the warning above
In fact, really very stinky! It is recommended to ventilated place or outside to get, if in a small room inside filling mold is almost mortal undoubtedly
Others say that when wearing gloves with Polyurethane, touch will have irritation, this must also be careful!

2. casually found the plastic film
This time because of the geometric shape, so just look for the waste material to get, if it is complicated shape, it is more appropriate to use the silicone film

3. Stirring sticks (this time using a general disposable chopsticks), there are some cups can show the material of the gem gloss

This is probably the material
Here are the steps

1.First of all, the right amount of Polyurethane into the cup inside

Currently it is transparent, but because I want to have a bluish, transparent effect, I bought a 35-dollar dye in the art materials store
Acrylic paint can not because acrylic paint is water, added into the snow will fly, so to use oily dye
Proprietress said copic mic pen replenishment can also be ultra-expensive, but so expensive with 35 yuan dye.

Drop in long like this
Concentration can be adjusted, because the experimental results I think it is better for a little transparent so drop it

Next, stir well
Then one of the key - hard ‧ chemical agents!

If you have touched the hands of Paul Li glue people know that he is very sticky (of course, do not touch the better
And he is also difficult to wash with water, can only wait for it to fall off naturally, usually it will not dry

The hardener drops into the Polyurethane will be quickly cured! Then just wait until it is hardened to complete almost done

Polyvinyl chloride and hardener ratio is not certain, some say 100: 2 or about 100: 1

Because there is a previous film, the experience is too little hardener finished products will be very sticky! Stick to the point of collapse!

So almost all this time according to intuition plus plus too much

It is said that the hardener plus too much Polyurethane will bleak, there is no such situation I have
However, in order to avoid the above situation or buy materials when asked in detail about the proportion of the deployment of the boss will be better!

Stir well into the container inside!

Forgot to say that the container must stick to death or ran out from the gap!
The first time the gem is just a sticky sticky result leaky leak, although it hardened quickly did not cause any harm to it

Then it will begin to harden, this time Polynesia fever, feel it will be very hot
Also hot to the extent of plastic sheet will be some deformation .. Be sure to be careful!

After it cools it can be stripped!

This is the second trial, accidentally turn too thick

Next, because I want a piece of aqua blue or light blue gems, but the dye is too dark to buy too much
So I used light blue pearl acrylic paint

Tu on the back and the upper part of the transparent point, then there will be a sense of hierarchy! Do not see the back can lie
If you want to make a paste on the surface of the stones can consider this approach, of course, not the real acrylic and shiny as it
But there will be a false impression of a glass false.

Travertine turned three times, in fact, the color is still the first turn of the favorite, because the more thoroughly through


Round is to use this ↓

Because after pouring trapezoidal container left a lot of polygoline do not have to waste easily go in, take off accidental good get.
Then the surface of the finished product is a little fog, probably because of the metal.

▼After finished on the Pearl Acrylic so long ▲

Side view will be a little blue transparent state ▲

This is because the body is too small and the shape is not abandoned by my handicrafts jewelry store

The process is probably the case, personally think that Paul Li plastic mold to remove too stinky point is quite fun, I hope to try the legendary epoxy resin !!
And now is the base of the gem, the first light clay in the trial can be good ugly, nor is it like to use clay powder, do not know what else can be used to make .. paper

In addition, I think I do things too casually rely on intuition so good? Later remember the ratio of the kind of good


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