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I am often asked, what is the crystal diamond? Is the natural crystal? Swarovski crystal is not it?

A lot of names confused everyone ... I have always confused ~ Also think that the Soviet Union drill where the Soviet real diamond produced it ....

Actually, they are really different things! Although their physical properties may be foggy, I just want to show that they are really different parents!

So just share with your friends!

< Diamond >

~ Natural ore ~

* Single refraction

* Weight: 3.52

* Dispersion: 0.044 (medium fire)

The hardness of the earth's highest ore ~  

< crystal diamond >

~ Non-natural, can be produced ~

* Single refraction

* Weight: 5.60-6.00

* Dispersion: 0.060 (strong light)

Why should we call the Soviet Union drilling? Because it was the 1970s, the Soviet Union scientists first developed this technology,

Hardness is not bad, high dispersion so quickly replaced by other imitation goods,

Is currently the most commonly used, parity, and the same diamond is a single refraction

And the appearance of its bright light can be said to be quite close to the diamond diamond imitation goods

< Zircon >

~ Natural ore ~


* Difference in refractive index: 0.059 (strong ghosting) The refractive index difference is very large! Therefore, larger stones may have strong visible ghosting

* Weight: 3.90-4.73

* Dispersion: 0.038 (medium fire)

Ridge facet may be damaged ...

< Synthetic Moissanite >

~ Non-natural, mass-produced, but not cheap ~


* Difference in refractive index: 0.043 (strong ghosting) The difference in refractive index is large! Therefore, it becomes the main feature when distinguished from the diamond

* Weight: 3.22

* Dispersion: 0.104 (very strong light)

Hardness of 9.25 almost equal to the natural diamond 10, excellent hardness, so many professionals simply hardness probe is easily mistaken for a diamond!

There are also many businesses or pawnbroking so high recovery of this real trouble Moriya drilling do not know

So the advent of Synthetic Moissanite has tarnished many businesses ...

But professional industry (I also count one of them ...) As long as carefully through the magnification of the observation, it will never be fooled!

P.S. I have received a woman who asked me to help him modify the ring, come up with a 1-carat-size drill (she claims to be real diamond)

But after I enlarged the observation, immediately see through, euphemistically told her that this is not really drilling oh ~ should be Morrison diamond ...

She talked about her for a second She bought 20 tens of thousands, the next second actually quiet only said: Oh ... yes ...

Really calm down! If I found that I spent 20 million to buy a diamond I do not jump on the spot to blame the grin ...

Difficult to know that she already knew is not a diamond? Or would you like to ask me to change, and later I relied on her out of the bag really drilled?

I was very polite, I was very polite willing to help her make changes, but I clearly told him that is not a diamond Oh!

Also by the way, teaching, so that everyone in the microscope to see the true face of Mount Diamond!

<Crystal> Rock Crystal

~ Natural ore ~


* Refractive index difference: 0.009

* Weight: 2.66

* Dispersion: 0.038 (medium fire)

<Swarovski Crystal>

~ Non-natural, can be produced ~

Because of the brand as a big brand, not good to offend, so can not elaborate,

But its full name should be called "Swarovski crystal glass" is more appropriate,

It will not make many consumers mistaken for a natural crystal, in fact, it is kind of specially treated beautiful glass Oh ~

But his design is very beautiful, which I have to admit! I also have two cute bear in my glass case.

In addition, glass & plastic is also often used to imitate diamond imitation goods

Night markets, street vendors common cheap hair accessories, pendants, posted on the phone bag on the cheaper diamond

Often use glass or plastic, often due to low prices are widely used,

However, its brightness and hardness of the fire is obviously not so attractive, but also easy to crack or scratch ...

Plastic texture is worse than the glass some ...

I hope the above little knowledge to help you when the younger sister,

However, many vendors may not know the difference among themselves well.

May be accidentally misused, but if it is not too expensive things, we all come out to discuss life, do not care about their terms too ~

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