Three easy holiday crafts you can give as gifts


Get crafty this Holiday season with simple and easy ideas from Life and Arts Editor Noelle!

The holidays are a time of giving and receiving. Many times, making a present can be even more sentimental that buying one. Here are a few ideas of crafts that can be turned into gifts for anyone and that are reasonably affordable and incredibly fun to make.

DIY Mason jar snow globe: Snow globes are such a fun decoration, but they are even more fun if they are personalized. One really simple craft that doesn’t take a lot of time is a Mason jar snow globe. For this craft you will need a Mason jar, colored glitter of your choice, some plastic pine trees or other small figurines to put in your snow globe, and some hot glue.

1.First, you’ll need to remove the lid from the Mason jar and arrange your trees and/or figures onto the lid. After you have arranged them in the way you like the, hot glue them to the lid and allow it to dry completely.

2.Next, fill the jar almost completely full and add your choice of glitter (I know it may be tempting to pour all of the glitter into the jar but trust me, it will get clumpy and make a mess).

3.Now for this next step you’ll have to move quickly. Put a thin layer of hot glue around the mouth of the Mason jar and then quickly put the top on with your figurines glued on it and twist it very, very tightly to seal the lid to the jar. Allow to dry completely.

4.Now it’s time for the fun part. Flip your snow globe over and give it a shake to see the glitter swirl around the jar. (Tip: if your jar is leaking in any places, just take your hot glue gun and fill the leaks with hot glue. Once it dries, it will fill the leak)

“JOY” sign: For this craft, you’ll need wooden letters (a “J,” an “O” and a “Y”), more glitter, regular glue, a cheap holiday wreath (I got mine from the dollar section at Target), more hot glue and pain (optional).

1.Layer the letters on top of each other (I recommend putting the “O” on top of the other two letters, since that one will be covered in a wreath).

2.Now, trace where the “O” overlaps on the “J” and the “Y” with a pencil.

3.Next, take the holiday wreath and cut pieces of the wreath and shape them around the “O.” Once they are placed, hot glue them and allow them to dry completely. Repeat this until the “O” is completely covered and looks like a wreath itself.

4.Next, take the “J” and the “Y” and line the borders of each letter with regular glue (Avoiding where you previously outlined with pencil) and while the glue is drying, pour glitter over the glue and tap off the excess.

5.Once all of the letters are dry, place hot glue on the “J” and the “Y” where you outlined with a pencil and layer the “O” on top and allow to dry overnight.

Homemade Christmas cards: Everyone loves sending and receiving Christmas cards from their friends and family. Here’s a fun way to personalize your Christmas cards this season. You’ll need different colored cardstock, different colored paper, regular glue and plastic colored rhinestones.

1.First, you’ll want to cut your pieces of cardstock into small, card-like sizes which are easy to fold and easy to fit in an envelope.

2.Now, it’s time to get creative. You can take the regular glue and use it to write words such as “Joy” or “Noel” across the front and while its drying, sprinkle glitter on it and let it dry.

3.Another idea is to glue different colored plastic rhinestones at random places on the front of the card, and after it dries, use a fine-tip black pen to draw lines connecting to each rhinestone to make them look like hanging lights or ornaments.

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