Beautiful and stylish: the goddess wants to be elegant acrylic diamond jewelry Hair Accessories


As a girl with short hair in this life is probably not suitable and will not stay long hair!

But when I see long-haired girl with braided hair styling you can have more time together can not help envy

In particular, I am deeply these qualities elegant acrylic rhinestones jewelry hair accessories fascinated

The good news is, even if short hair acrylic rhinestones hair accessories girls can wear!

After the short hair and wear ear plugs while acrylic rhinestones hair accessories, and voila! Also do not have a flavor (I'll let this serve as a short-haired girl schematic)

 The easiest, than romantic wavy big curls directly when wearing headbands

Comb a neat header and then wear flower shape acrylic rhinestones hair accessories, just as ballet diva temperament full point All can be combed bangs, revealing beautiful oval forehead

Or comb next big points, so full of flowers acrylic rhinestones hair accessories between in hair .A little retro style, a little elegant, very beautiful Bingxi!

 Of course, you can also put in some unexpected places, let the hair seems like a canvas, make acrylic crystals hair accessories indulged (left)
You can also elaborate braided hair and finally ending part finishing touch, it is not like the Greek goddess of elegant it? (Right)

 If u have to consider acrylic crystals hair accessories for the overall shape of the focus, highly recommended with makeup or bare makeup
Pounced lovely blush color, make them look modesty, with some so that others can feel the atmosphere of happiness

 correct! U should not expect acrylic crystals hair accessories can also be extended to the forehead, like a goddess wearing laurel leaf crown, but mysterious feeling Aggressive

 I think the most special law to wear, it should be is not directly in the head, let fall a little hair ornaments on the forehead, then the point folk customs (left)
Or to edit a popular fish bone braid, make jewelry and acrylic diamond hair accessories veil unique combination of three wishes one to meet!

Above, so I imagine that he is secretly long-haired girl, satisfy my longing to wear the headdress temperament
Short-haired girl, I still continue to have a fascination with fairy dazzling beauty acrylic diamond hair accessories
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