Species eyebrows plus loose crystals ... US girls now 'eyebrows this play. "


From Japan, Korea and even the United States, the world's continuing popularity in the thick eyebrows. "US Ninja" has also been introduced for everyone finishing process eyebrows and painting.

And as if to accelerate this trend - like, all kinds of eyebrow beauty center stage in the United States. This time, it is necessary to introduce this topic is full of the latest beauty and DIY eyebrow eyebrows cosmetic procedure.

Times have become a species from seed eyebrows eyelashes!

Thick eyebrows most important thing is to increase their original eyebrows! Especially in Japan than Korea, with Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins as the representative of the United States like super bushy eyebrows, eyelashes recently popular but not the kind of "seed eyebrows."

Eyelash & eyebrow salon "Occhi" originated in the UK price of $ 45 to 150. And the same kinds of eyelashes, can be maintained for about 10 to 14 days, after you kind of eyebrows within 24 hours not touch hot water and steam. Then you can not rub or pull hard to be gentle care.

And no way but they want to increase the kinds of eyebrow eyebrow original person, is to be recommended as a moisturizer. You can try using eyelash growth medium containing the necessary hair cosmetic ingredients.

In addition, in order to pull the eyebrows to be careful not to use, with the shaving it is the most correct. As the eye is sensitive parts, so it is recommended that you seek the help of experts.

Eyebrow rhinestone topic boiling!

In addition, the hot topic is now on the eyebrows decorative acrylic gems. By the popular American brand "benefit" even launched a collection of various sizes and a transparent color or rose gold colorful Swarovski acrylic crystals "bling brow."

 You can decorate the eyebrows, or eyebrows up and down the room, and so on, and enjoy the fun of eye makeup.

This, then, with a hand acrylic crystals certainly can be done. You can use with the color of eye shadow or choose a contrasting color, in a variety of sizes with various combinations you may wish to try to see.

Does not require the entire diamond paste eyebrows, even if only embellishment 1,2 stars, also it looks very cute. In addition, we recommend that you can use a lot of decorative loose crystals at the party, so that the eye instantly become Huali Liang eye.

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