Create a unique package rabbit rhinestone iPhone case


Before buying a rabbit ear protection shell, although very cute, seeing more and more people have, and the night market where you can also see the version of the cottage, so .... I started looking for new clothes for my Iphone. See Y auction on selling iPhone shell, protective cover, Hello Kitty is not a lesbian bear, even the stones also stick their appearance. I was struck with a unique sticky water drilling rabbit envelope, take out the shell will not hit!

 Okay - so the math is not cheap, even more expensive than the auction has the above case. Especially the really expensive crystals beads shrugged ! Afraid to buy enough to buy some and much more. And I stick with SWAROVSKI rhinestones, we must use the best with the most sparkling crystals beads !!
In fact, I do not understand sticky flat back crystals, I have not too sticky. Just want to spend money bag rabbit flat back crystals shell and impulsive buying all the tools and materials needed, I entirely have the "ship to cross the bridge" mentality.

First, in the first case above, make a draft. Usually people like sticky shell is printed under the picture you want to do stick on housing ..... But since it is the rabbit package that he painted just fine.

Then, and then describe a black pen.

 The first attempt, after I finished scanning the black line, directly on the flat back crystals.

But the conclusion is that ugly! !! Ugly very ugly once I almost wanted to give up. Because the gap between the scattered crystals and drill large, direct sticky, you'll see a pink background, and how close again sticky crystals beads, will see the seam .... It makes my whole big discouraged, the tool enjoy the cool air of the material set aside.

Later, I saw King dishes have paid to buy these "chicken", and because they put a little frustration to sideline. He started the Internet, help me to Google, find out where the problem is ......

The original Before drilling, use paint primer ah! So even if the seam is bigger, almost see the color and rhinestones, so good-looking much more attractive !!

Or food king amazing!

Before sticky scattered crystals, I obediently with colored acrylic paint. My Ping Tu skills really bad> "<, painted crooked, we now know why I use the computer to paint it ~ (stalls

After the hair sticky sticky crystals beads Call ~ !! not what I imagined so simple ah. To be within a predetermined range of the drilled neat to go into, basically the same color, you have to prepare at least two sizes up.

When I finished very carefully sticky skin, I forgot to find ~ sticky mouth> "<Well, Hello Kitty has no mouth. Back then a child work, the whole package is sticky rabbit over, hands on her hips in POSE only was I sticky too strange.

 Rabbit finished package is then sticky sticky background. I do not like the rules of the background very sticky, nor do I have the technology not so good, or come together large and small scattered crystals of different colors! Chance of failure will be relatively low.

When I put the stick after a good background, he has the dead of night. I actually see done, there are tears of joy FU. Although I expect a finished product with a little bit out, not only did the mouth, eyebrows do not know how sticky, I also bought two sticky skin color to a gradient to say, it seems as if nobody found = "=

The biggest flaw is probably my composition, and the whole is crooked side> "<

But really sticky crystals beads grinding patience, as I so impatient, to be a very good training.

 And then how he felt like a failure, or their hardships (actually better) to do case. Once and almost gave up.

Go to the company, Xiao-yu and chicken sister also with my custom rhinestone shell. It makes me a little ㄘ ㄨ ㄚ \, own shell if done badly even, do someone else's shell .... ah! Stressful !!

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