Where is the difference between diamonds and rhinestones?


What is the Diamond

After pondering the diamond refers to the diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, diamond is the original stone. Simply put, the diamond is a single crystal substance A deep under the earth pressure, high temperature conditions of the formation of carbon elements.

What is the Rhinestone

Also known as crystal diamond rhinestone, Rhine Shiying Wen name: crystal, it is actually man-made crystal glass cut, a secondary piece of jewelry that looks like a diamond, but not expensive, so many people like it. More famous acrylic rhinestones drilling Austria and is located on the North Shore is located in the south bank of the Czech drilling. Austrian drilling accounted for the majority. Some manufacturers even Rhinestone made of glass, that is part of a fake Rhinestone, the price is very cheap.  
acrylic crystals classification: By color can be divided into: white Rhinestone, color Rhinestone (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), Rhinestone (also in AB drilling), color AB drill (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.).Glass: The acrylic rhinestones are more familiar people is very easy to distinguish between true and false Rhinestone. Some fake acrylic rhinestones is made of glass, a look will be able to see it, because the diamond shine and really are very different, so there is no real rhinestones dazzling. Fake acrylic crystals jewelry are often used for very cheap.Crystal and Topaz: two diamonds and diamond compared lacks the bright color of fire, both of which are non-homogeneous body of natural mineral, diamond is a homogeneous body, if the instrument is very easy to identify.

Synthetic sapphire: in methylene iodide can make it completely disappear, but only diamond surrounded by black only. Although synthetic sapphire is sometimes used as a substitute for diamonds, but the difference is obvious.

Cubic zirconia (or "Soviet diamond"): This is not a natural mineral, is entirely artificial build, is the best substitute for diamonds. In terms of color and refractive index and diamonds are like, is generally difficult to see, but far more diamonds than it hard, so there is no diamond heat, so use professional equipment can distinguish all of a sudden.

Zircon: This is the Soviet Union before drilling in a diamond best bogus products, it has two very different refractive index, in this respect is very special. If you use a magnifying glass can be seen that the bottom surface and the lines have double vision, and diamonds are certainly not double shadow. Zircon according to shape into ordinary heterosexual drilling and drilling two categories. Often heterosexual drilled ladder drills, satellite stone, no bottom drilling.

Rhinestone facets: general acrylic rhinestones eight face usually, if you want the brightness of the brighter, the more necessary that aspect, because it is through the condenser section. First discovered crystal facets are Swarovski.

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