Something Blue- sole Daiso Swarovski rhinestones DIY


Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Wedding Traditions abroad, who must bride wedding day with four sample items symbol of luck: the old, new, borrowed, blue

The article represents a continuation of the old; new items represent the optimistic outlook for the future

Items borrowed symbolizes happiness; blue items symbol of purity, love and loyalty

Although I did not go the route Western-style wedding, but I would have liked blue

Can add blue in wedding feels good luck :)

So last week to do their own feet blue light therapy ^^

Also happens after the wedding to go to the Maldives honeymoon, so they give me inspiration ocean winds

But this is not enough XD

Recently when visiting Daiso, actually see this small package Swarovski loose crystals

There are several colors immediately bought my favorite aqua blue & pink

(I want to buy white diamond, but find several shop have not found .....)

They have to make their own crafts or have in their own nail know

Usually with shiny acrylic gems of Swarovski loose crystals really bad!

The last to finish their DIY wedding candles I decided to buy the Swarovski acrylic diamond

Rhinestone shiny texture there is not difference it ~

Keep up with the figure compared with acrylic diamond, Swarovski acrylic gems flash is not really much?

Actually look at it, you can compare it with the naked eye

So Daiso have to see this little package of stones, to buy ah now!

If my judgment is correct eye, a diamond should be a bag in two sizes

I'll use something blue Where is it?

There was noticed when Sergio Rossi brand shoes in Taiwan

Sergio Rossi's wedding shoes, the soles are bordered in a blue acrylic diamond

It can be used as the bride's something blue

The idea is good dream ah ~ so I have been charged to now

Although I do not buy when I start to Sergio Rossi wedding shoes

(There is a focus on wedding shoes if you are Baoxie ah .... Sergio Rossi sandals style)

But I'm still searching to find a girl Petty affordable dream wedding shoes ~ ♥

I intend to stick to the sole blue rhinestone ~ ♥

So as not to stab it soles of the feet!

After all, we are attached to the foot DIY Well ... will step in with their own position is not sorry it ????

So what position than before, make a mark

The tool is simple to prepare

Go to the stationery store to buy a can of special glue rhinestones (I bought it this tank 35 yuan)

Buy a small clip

With a small acrylic diamond clip tucked back a little diamond glue stick, wait a minute or so to just paste than good sole location

When it dries you can ~

(Do not drill glue stick when wet too, will be ugly when excess glue or paste up ... If there is excess glue to carefully scrape it ~)

I posted for everyone to see what a good two feet ~

Left one is so much excess glue a little ugly, peripheral circle glue marks .... still thinking how knocked off

But the right of the paste perfectly :)

This is my something blue ~ ♥

In a few days the wedding! ! ! (Good anxiety because a bunch of things not done ....)

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