Swarovski acrylic diamond fingernail early experience


When asked about the future is to pave the way for former colleagues manicurist wedding photographs a few days ago
I asked him to help me do some changes on the nail
I did not expect the department store industry are busy faint head, she was very Asha force discharged fill the gap vacations
Meet at the Spring House with his furniture began to help me to do nails miles !!

Never done a single rub on the nail polish change outside
I did not think she actually helped me start from the beginning manicure ~~
Let me first experience turned out to be pretty nails appeared to be very patient too!


First, help me to rub on something and so need to soften skin soaked
She made it easy to deal with flood damage after ~

Even soaked the vessels were carrying

The beginning of a lot of layers of manicure Road Out exfoliating polish, etc. - I can not forget those who have a professional name mile ~ 

 Wo Ye ~ ~ finally finally had a child nail polish procedure was finally completed
The first time I saw my nails shining lights moving forward
The moment I decided I do not want the background color nail polish miles !! ~ ~ ~ haha I want to render colors
Really bear to see such a beautiful polish to nail nails were covered out

 Discard nail polish decorated So he began looking hard at me I need to use to help increase the sense of gorgeous acrylic gems
She just woke up seriously told me to help me make an appointment after nails done and goes back to the company continues to work overtime
Nie dolphin holding a small child pick out a suitable size

 acrylic gems decorated nails finally made two hours after having a gorgeous sense of coming !!! ~
For the first time to see their fingers can exhibit such a feminine style ~
Do love !!! meet my favorite simple and elegant tone

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