Let your little transformation like no other! DIY renovation shoes glass gems


Each person's shoe, be sure there will be a pair of shoes, you do not want to wear high heels or sandals, shoes is your best friend, but even when the clothes have Zhuangshan, not to mention a few well-known shoes have hit the shoe crisis but all the same mediocre pair of shoes, if others do not like to keep it, what method to use transform it? Now follow along with foreign bloggers water drilling transform your ball made it!

 materials needed:


Self-adhesive glass gems (available in two sizes ready alternate)


Styrofoam glue


After the glue squeeze on the plate, take a toothpick with glue picks up, the first edge painted shoes Logo

Then the crystals beads from the outside to the inside sticky, slowly fill Logo; first adhesive along the contour, and then make up the side of the side of sticky glue on rhinestones, mainly using large flat crystals, a small gap at the fix glass gems on it

 Sticky finished, remember to place the time of day let the glue dried !

Simple and complete type of  crystals beads shoes!

Like the transformation of the girl, not only learned this trick can begin to transform their shoes, you can also transform the way together with the help of her boyfriend at Oh! When a complete flip in hand together sparkling couple files now!

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