PLASTIC STONE paste British Blue. Hokkaido Otaru Music Box. Production process


Designs on background

Posted once or twice before diamond imitations experience feel

Such a background pattern must be posted up will look good

The middle will not have white voids

Go to the bookstore to buy a red pen with blue oil back Graffiti

However, in view of adverse technical in some places looks so ugly = =

But as long as not too exaggerated ugly

Basically PLASTIC STONE paste down to see out

  local glue
I have been using AB glue to stick PLASTIC STONE

Because AB glue dries slowly

If there are places you want to adjust is also more convenient to move

But even if AB glue dry slow speed

I used to want to come back on the sticky part like glue

  using 3mm red diamond imitations, from the middle of the thick of the Red Cross from the sticky thread

I used to compare the top or from the more important place to start from sticky

Such as eye, borders, lines

Posted up a few times to find such experience would be more beautiful

 Red Cross center Align the four drill

The middle of the four drill alignment around, look ....

Compare eyesore

  use 1.8mm transparent stones, coarse paste Red Cross Collage white line
Every time a substantially straight line attached to the side of my hand is shaking his stick side Ends

Because the adjustment range is very small with very little movement

Probably 0.X mm bar ....

But here on the sticky flags almost finished stereotypes

There are almost as long as the Red Cross Collage presents four 90-degree angle out
 It would not be too difficult to read

  use of 2.3mm red acrylic diamonds rhinestones transparent /1.8mm

Sticky fine finish I found the Red Cross

Tremor was getting worse XDD

But a little farther to get to see the actual effect is not bad

Before and after the order has come out

use 1.8mm / 3mm navy blue PLASTIC STONE blue stickers End

Even if no way to completely mend each gap

But because there are background

So there is still part of the exhibit sharp blue

British flag finished ~~~
Both sides would have wanted even plastered stones
However, a serious shortage of stones
Probably considered a good area to come later added acrylic diamonds = __ =
Is said that every diamond paste will find a small piece of the amount spent in the area are beyond my expectation
Like this plane diameter of 5 centimeters flags spent 380 on a few drill ....

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