Swarovski acrylic crystals "artificial"


[Lin Yu along, recreation center ╱ roundup] from Austria, internationally renowned Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) rhinestones crystals, the day before yesterday was China Guangzhou authorities means inconsistent with its labeling content shall shelves, named for the substandard products " simulation of jewelry. " Swarovski in the country has more than thirty branch, Taiwan branch, said the product is "acrylic crystals", he has never claimed to be the real jewels.

The industry says sales omissions

Guangzhou Trade and Industry Bureau yesterday released two hundred seventy-eight paragraph jewelry, precious metals commodity sampling results, the results of six 12 models qualified, where Swarovski, Saturday Fook and other brands on the list, but not described in detail Swarovski "simulation jewelry "unqualified specific content.China "Beijing Evening News" reported, Swarovski crystals beads posing as news, frequently seen in major Chinese media and Internet, some people broke the news: Before "Buy said that the crystal, and other discovery is" glass "when can not be returned. "Actual newspaper reporter interviewed found that "only when consumers purchase is complete, in order to see the word" Swarovski jewelery, "Prior to this, sales staff will be their own product called" acrylic crystals. "" Swarovski is responsible for China area frankly, the sales staff in the sales process with "crystal" to refer to the product is inappropriate, "this is our internal training omission, in future we will strengthen the training."Liao Hui of Taiwan as the Swarovski brand marketing director responded yesterday: "Swarovski rhinestones crystals component is a component of crystals beads, and glass different, so called man-made crystal clear that we are in and consumers to communicate, never. He claims to be the real jewels. "

"I never thought of true and false."

Chen Sixuan one published Swarovski jewelry show supermodel team, from the beginning of the contact that is known Swarovski crystal is artificial, like their jewelry design, things look good or will buy. Artist Chen Mei-feng said, do not know is a man-made Swarovski crystals beads, previously often buy ornaments to give as gifts, and now know, not buy.
Miss Gao Xiongzhang and friends who visited the Swarovski "Crystal Worlds" exhibition hall at the headquarters in Wattens, Austria, and bought a crystal pendant, never thought Crystal true and false questions. Chinese netizens have said, "I will not buy Swarovski, it is glass, regret."

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