Stapler paste acrylic gems Makeovers


DIY wind, the wind began to love lost many friends to do the hand, like making their own participation in learning, Own bake a cake, make their own mobile phone strap, make their own clothes for the dog ..... etc, all want different.

Many commodities began to emphasize individuality, everyone likes the creative thinking on their products,Enjoy the thrill of a breakthrough in the process, but it is also set up their own sense of accomplishment.

I am a beginner, it is not directly take the phone to do, afraid to do well, help the phone accidentally filling glue,Or it does not look good, but also to permanently hold him around, their brains had to move on my stationery,Pen too thin, too small to do the computer can play space is limited, so this product is handmade selected, sdi hand 1113c effort stapler double jersey ((commonly known as One means prescribed)).To paste the selected products, began glass gems the election !!Directly to the craft shops, wow - the whole wall is full, but a lot of difference between the price a little to look at, Swarovski acrylic gems is the brightest, but the price is the highest,Followed by the Middle East drilling, glass acrylic crystals is the most recommended for this section, the affinity of the price enough, brightness're just a little acrylic gems, acrylic drilling is the most expensive, but really poor brightness can be used when practicing useAgain is plastic, I chose the general diamond paste glue, a jar of $ 25, cheaper than half ab glue, surface drilling and accidentally gets ab glue, but also yellowAlso, one of the most important tools → sticky drill rod! The price is 130 yuan, do not hand, will encounter on your hands and then drill, drill will lose luster, remember to glue on an object, not sticky drill glue stick yo, the drill will not pull it out in the sink in the gluePrepare materials Figure:


1. The color will be used to
glass gems all turn positive

2. The drill will be sticky part, a layer of glue ((small area like, too much will kill stick, sticky acrylic crystals takes time .....)

3. Use sticky drill rod sticking glass gems, done directly on the choreography of the adhesive glue.

Then there is the sticky one by one, to remember every fifteen walk up, your eyes relax, or fatigue will be doubled!

Finally, the finished product is ~

You see, my One means prescribed, became unique collector's edition ~~~

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