glass gems Polo Shirts


Recently ah, very popular polo shirts, all colors seems to have become a target of many people,
Little also want to collect "rainbow" color polo shirt, but some color is not for me to wear, Oh ~

Search racquet just above can be found in a lot of selling hot drilling,
Note the difference between hot drilling with glass gems lies in the bottom of the drill.

Bottom hot drilling there will be a layer of glue, just a little heat it with a lighter will melt, and soon can be attached to the fabric (hat, clothes can)
The bottom of the acrylic rhinestone there is no glue, in addition to what was one-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive to use to buy (a little complicated omitted)

In simple terms, this simple like Little lazy people to buy hot drilling the most convenient.

First, the first to buy a simple polo shirt.
The above will try not to have a pattern, or to see that Zhuangshan with others ~

Then put the hot glass gems line up like the word can be friends!

There is a focus on the steps ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
After that though with a lighter slightly melted glue can paste on the cloth, but basically plastic with fabric is not completely fused,
This can be used when "Iron", turn to the inner surface of the garment, according to the words or pattern slowly hot,
Will obviously find the fabric will begin to become black, it means penetration into the fabric glue already inside,
Laundry washing machine like this throw is not afraid of falling down ~

Little art talent poor, but also to write ugly,
This was no scratch directly spell out the word,
If you want to do beautiful pattern I think I need a little time to practice good painting.

But part of the acrylic rhinestone is not cheap,
On the web to buy it, as I photograph is "White crystals beads" is the most expensive color, 50 would 20 dollars.
And paine photograph probably spent 41 crystals beads!

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