Simple acrylic gemstones flat back adhesive glue Science + TOYOTA Mark record production


Hello everyone ~

Today is to teach you a simple way of teaching + loose crystals paste living record

Maybe now we 've learned quite the same way

But it is also another way

I hope my flat rhinestones paste can bring you another way Oh Perspective

If there is a better way to also welcome the exchange.

Start teaching ~~~~~~~

First, the first ready next several instruments:

1. Crystal folder ( preferably the rear shovel ~ When there is time to drop stones better shovel up )

As shown below

2. Rhinestone Storage Box

This is very important - especially for each color with loose crystals in different sizes

Believe it will fall, Not a good box classification will regret later.

3. diamond plate

This is used to put flat rhinestones adhesive plate

Very convenient !! will buy ~

Next to the bevel is used to help turn the acrylic gemstones flat back surface

Practice a bit like fried fish - what you can turn the loose crystals upside down

Very convenient

4. The most important tool : Crayons

Originally, I have to spend big money to buy a professional acrylic gemstones flat back pen

Results were sold flat rhinestones lady clerk impart a move

Crayon pen with nature is actually quite rhinestone

Are used sticky rhinestones

In particular, the viscosity is not high crayons

Can afford to sticky glue acrylic gemstones flat back , but encountered flat rhinestones glue , but will not stick dead With this knowledge after crayons ,I made diamond plus three times the speed of.

Remember crayon cut first corner, good easy sticking acrylic gemstones flat back!

4. To be pasted items

Since this original mark almost broken ,So I took him surgery
Not to take a front-adhesive

 5. Swarovski flat rhinestones

 SS 8 and SS 5

Here are the most commonly used SS 10 Swarovski acrylic gemstones flat back

Finally, a tool to introduce

 6. acrylic gemstones flat back glue

This is really a good use of high viscosity ~

Without speed glue dry fast

I stick to the focus is now more than six months good

We have yet to fall off a say

 Crayon sticky

Gently sticky can stick

 Then in the first place to link dropping glue flat rhinestones This glue does not dry quickly, So you can drop a little more

 And then decide a good seat
Bang pressed down

loose crystals will stick up
After the next will have excess glue, Other stones can be used sticky

Why should prepare three different sizes of stones?
Because different sizes of stones can fill the empty silicon, So also are less likely to fall after drilling

Easily half an hour, then you can stick to such an extent that it

The size of the sum, less likely to fall after acrylic gemstones flat back

 Next is the red hook edge

 Corner where

With three different flat rhinestones!

 After the inside of the hook green edge


More flat rhinestones >>>>>> [Jewelry] Julius Oscar acrylic gemstones watch children

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