Artificial diamonds and natural diamonds What is the difference?


Natural diamonds are at a depth of 200 kilometers below the surface in extreme conditions of high temperature (about 1500.C) and high pressure (about 50,000 atmospheres) of growth. But people can create the same conditions in a laboratory environment to produce artificial diamond.

Over the years,
artificial diamond are mainly used for industrial purposes and the production of large-size gem acrylic rhinestones are very complex. Gem-quality acrylic rhinestones are very expensive so that the cost was bleak. But this decade with the Soviet Union, since the country compact E development cheap "BARS" technology, though small in number, the market has been repeatedly found in this type of equipment to produce artificial diamond.

Identification of natural diamonds and artificial acrylic crystals is imperative. But it is much more difficult than the difference between the fake diamond. Natural diamonds and artificial diamond are made from carbon atoms, and are arranged in the same crystal lattice, so they have the same physical properties. The only feature is the crystal lattice microstructure and atomic-scale irregularities, that is, the crystal defects. In this regard, due to different growing conditions, such as chemical atmosphere, the growth rate of natural diamonds and artificial diamond are inconsistent, most of today's artificial acrylic crystals on the market was very strong yellow, orange, or brown, so it is easy to distinguish .
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