I finally found the iPhone 4 acrylic rhinestones case ....


Ray finally stepped in ..... KITTY iPhone 4 mobile phone shell after,
House of Love before I went back to Japan with a dog's head off paint brand mobile phone shell ....

I would like to have time to look for the eyes ^^ Dream Phone Case "

I did not expect the last recording time (yes ... but also a "national queen"> w <puff)

Special guest designer bag unit was Miss Taiwan Liu Zixuan,

She had seen love love .... BLOG somebody.

And I am very generous and was built to talk about love love to see her phone shell really pretty ^^

Shiny pink acrylic rhinestones Case for iPhone 4 ....

 House of Love and other psychological silently say Ends Movies recorded and then ask her where to sell ^^

(I have to help me buy a new coat of Ah Feng .... Of course there are better drilled friends)

Asked about the child to know Xuan is Chicstone iPhone 4 Case,

I did not expect that this Chicstone PR agency was a big beauty

Even better ... she had previously been working with the Miss Earth Love love Lin Yi Pan friends

Wow, it really is a coincidence it .... !!

(About 5--6 years ago, the House of Love and Miss Earth Nan Quan Mama there, done charity it together)

Where life does not really meet friends

 She knows House of Love wants to buy iPhone 4 mobile phone shell,

Generous actually sent two Chicstone plastic gems mobile phone shell to the House of Love

I'm really happy you want to explode it

In fact, the day of Miss Earth with a lot of styles to choose love love,

All of a sudden I was in between the stylish "black and white zebra" and dreams "pink acrylic rhinestones" mobile phone shell struggle,

In the end to choose which one ..... black zebra looks very noble and generous,

Whole temperament is very heavy and somewhat restrained sense of gorgeous,

That is low-key luxury models, and the texture is really super good

 And black and white is the best color match clothes,

Regardless of what color to wear, how very MATCH

Animal prints have always been rammed it ^ ____ ^

(Feeling a lot of people FU .......)

And she took a while before going to work, also praised the City Buildings Oh brother

(BUT .... City Buildings brother actually said she was like "Crocodile teeth"?! Haha .... claiming zebra A> 0 <)

 Pink plastic gems shell ..... but it represents the best sweet fantasy style

Bling Bling sparkling glass gems, and out to make sure a bunch of screaming girls

Plus all sparkling acrylic rhinestones, are all SWAROVSKI glass gems

Cool is also SWAROVSKI proof of authorization, not just casual!

 But also a one-year warranty,

So please keep the box and warranty card Oh ^ 0 ^

Basically you just go to the store to buy the original service can help you,

Fill acrylic gems service about 7-10 business days!

 But Love love the use of nearly two weeks,

There is no out glass gems problems

(Of course, I will continue using it .... I heard that iPhone 5 can also use this ... heard it ^^ ")

And not not know, usually handmade acrylic rhinestones paste up but relatively easy to drill off somebody.


Inside the box will be attached spare plastic gems,

To take good care of

 The most special place .... This is on top of the phone shell,

Actually also designed a strap hole, I want to hang up the phone strap it no problem

Really close it

(But do not strap Ah Feng has been used, there is no particular love love hanging strap )

 So ..... love love iPhone4 once came two gorgeous sparkling new clothes
This time can not help but say ... love love when a chicken is really good happy Ah (fantasy)
We say, it is not Ah ha ha ha ......... own fun friends
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