[DIY] Christmas ~ temperament style acrylic crystals makeup mirror


Moderators and took LED makeup mirror surgery. The make-up mirror with LED lights, turn on the power button, it is possible in tents, tunnels,Or makeup in a dimly lit public toilets. Given DIY peony flower loose crystals powder cartridge, first painted AB glue sticky again dolphin acrylic gems,Rhinestone gap leads to expose ugly traces AB glue.
This time DIY Rhinestone makeup mirror, it is very care to avoid the same flaw. Stingy withheld reference to suit many beloved cloth, first row in the mirror cover test pattern. Eleven photos as evidence, the final match to determine the best photo optimal composition.

The actual loose crystals sticky way, if you know a little earlier Jie Millie respond share foregoing manner, would not be so a lot of work.

I first mirror cover discharge runoff composition. Then, using tweezers to open the folder in which a loose crystals, a small drop in vacancy stained with a small toothpick AB glue, then stick on acrylic gems clip back. Repeat, finally took 50min sticky finish a relatively simple pattern.
Finished satisfied. Simple LED make-up mirror, from more than a two and sparkling acrylic gems embellished a little green leaflets.
Worth sharing, since using a 90min slow-drying glue AB, have sufficient time to adjust the position of the acrylic crystals before solidification.
Careless wrong AB glue stick can also be slowly removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Afraid of the finished product is too thick, you can use the "flat" "dome" acrylic stones. Want to use a more radiant, more refined and more varied color acrylic gems, you can buy "flat" is "hotfix crystals."
The more complex pattern of lines, you must use the smaller the size of the acrylic crystals. Composition is simple and regular, you can use the 4mm or 5mm hotfix crystals, adhesive save time. More lazy people, you can choose acrylic gems, heart-shaped, hexagonal, teardrop-shaped and so on large pieces of acrylic crystals.
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