Brand Story Swarovski acrylic rhinestones


What Swarovski rhinestones

Generally used in acrylic gems design in the mid-range, high-grade acrylic rhinestones before the global manufacturing base, is in the north and south sides of the Rhine, so called rhinestones, produced in the North Shore called Austria Swarovski diamond, referred Swarovski diamond . Southbank called the Czech drilling, Austria drilling gloss is better, there is the Middle East drilling, domestic diamond, artificial diamond.

Swarovski founder

Swarovski enterprise originated in the rich natural elements. In 1895, the founder Daniel Swarovski Austria Taili Lai came to the county town of Wattens, since the surrounding natural environment with abundant spring water resources, stimulate Daniel decided to create a stellar crystal crystals. Daniel in natural resources as a starting point, the first invention of artificial crystal cutting machine, and create a full production of world-class full-cut crystal company and the community. History of more than a hundred years Swarovski, the world's largest market artificial diamond manufacturer. Swarovski's Taiwan branch, from seven years of business since 1982, so far has been the fourteenth year, the introduction of international fashion new information and new products, enhancing the Taiwan market for crystal products and application levels. Corporation was established since 1995 Creative Service Center (Creative Service Center), to further strengthen interaction and cooperation with the fashion industry, so popular since the last few quarters, the international fashion arena crystal shine even more.

Swarovski brand development history

Each year a large number of high-quality cutting stone for the fashion. Jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries. Responding to the Daniel Swarovski cut crystal production rate of acrylic gems failed to meet the needs of the market, his early playing electric motorbikes Korean jewelry modeled invention header cutting machine, greatly improve the cutting speed, then cut to examine the cutting machine water crystal earrings, accuracy and quality. His first machine cut crystal, will soon find buyers all over Europe and the United States. He was joined by the son of crystal necklace crystal jade craftsmen become entrepreneurs, called the history behind the legend. Whenever the start of a long winter, farmers will cut acrylic rhinestones home as a homework. At the same time, by Daniel Swarovski cutting envelope to pocket his first Austrian crystal jewelry stones machine, applications for invention patents registered.
The early eighteenth century, Bohemia is a major production center cut 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale artificial stone. After this success, Daniel began to promote new ways to sell their high-quality and cutting. The machine is fast and precise, wait disdain peers, this advantage greatly enhanced Swarovski in the local market competitiveness. He highly plastic bracelet deep and crystal clear endless uses, so committed to the development of the cause of crystal, the crystal and to promote the application of hair ring fashion Jewelry, accessories, articles and even lights on. Daniel is Bohemian, the company was founded in 1895 in Austria handbags. Today, employs more than 9,000, Swarovski jewelry store more than thirty branch offices around the world to join the countries, the annual turnover of billions of dollars.

Until now, as artificial diamond also SWARO GEM series core packaging business center, Swarovski is the world's largest producer of cut crystal, the daily production of more than sixty million crystal, there is not one hundred thousand kinds of stone category Wallets gem, which further demonstrates Swarovski Swatch professional position in precious and semi-precious stones cutting area. It is the world's largest chandelier lamp beads and pendants manufacturer. Swarovski cake together four pendant chandelier, ball-shaped Swarovski crystal stone and two pear-shaped stone, create a small and unique full cut mice, including a square stone, the first to Tiffany members of the animal world has finally arrived. Technicians continue to exchange views, to play a delicate cumbersome design ideas, improve their skills, Swarovski Silver Crystal announced the birth. European and American fashion supermodel favorite with Swarovski rhinestones, Swarovski can perfect curve sculpture
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