glass gems expert is barely visible


CMC chief executive technical consultant Mills purchased a 2.62 kt pendant shaped bright yellow diamonds, asking $ 22,000. Mills acrylic diamond from the laboratory, the same weight, the price may be higher mining diamonds from the ground thousands of dollars.

acrylic gems only a small portion of the $ 80 billion global glass gems market, but demand is increasing, because the buyer wants to buy cheaper diamonds, and freedom from moral flaws. "Blood diamonds" from the term is used to remind lead to conflict diamonds in Africa to enhance the role.

According to the survey, 18 to 35-year-old North American consumers, only 45% prefer natural diamonds. Including Wal-Mart, Helzberg diamond shops and other businesses, have been launched to purchase synthetic glass gems. It is estimated that the production of synthetic glass gems last year only 360,000 karats, but natural diamonds mined in 2013 was 146 million karats. 2018, the laboratory acrylic diamond may supply up to 200 million carats in 2026 amounted to 20 million carats.

This in the lab "to develop"
glass gems, physical characteristics and chemical structures and real diamond is no different. Production method is to seed carbon methane or another carbon-containing gas into a microwave chamber, ultra-high temperature heating become hot plasma ball, after the formation of crystalline acrylic gems particles produced, the process takes about ten weeks. Current manufacturing technology, has reached the expert level must be the instrument can tell the difference between a real diamond.

The world's largest
acrylic gems producer laboratory IIA Singapore Technologies Inc., 3.04-carat synthetic acrylic gems asking for $ 23,000, the same weight, the same level of real diamond, the price is about $ 40,000.
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