Your eyes double magnification - South Korean actress most HIT "acrylic crystals bright makeup."


Korea, whether in beauty or fashion, always give the girls a surprise, to create the latest trends. Wherein the high-profile "diamond bright makeup" is a lot of Han in MV or activities occasions will create makeup, as long as a acrylic diamond can make sense of makeup to enhance, enlarge double eye! Today to tell you that can draw out the diamond bright eye makeup, absolutely people staring u ~

\ Han Popular love rhinestones bright eye makeup /

 Single diamond >> A-PINK Son Na-eun

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South Korean popular girl group A Pink to pure image loved by many fans in their music MV, there is painted on the acrylic diamond bright eye makeup, single acrylic crystals just right! This makeup is full of deep topic of conversation in South Korea have a lot of girls imitated. (The picture shows the A-PINK Son Na-eun)

 More stars diamond >> Girls'  Tiffany

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Members of the South Korean group SNSD Tiffany day at work was also painted on the crystals beads bright eye makeup, acrylic diamond embellishment more stars in the eyes, not only your eyes instantly light up, but also a zoom effect. The following will teach you to create a diamond usually can draw bright eye makeup ~


POINT1 >> glossy eye shadow rendering lying silkworm
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acrylic crystals bright eye makeup first focus is to choose a glossy eye shadow, at the moment with a pearl lying silkworm sentenced to mention bright color rendering. (There are no colored eye shadow on the eye socket does not matter, micro-thin eyeliner can pull)
POINT2 >> wearing false eyelashes 

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Subsequently a second key, choose one of their favorite styles of false eyelashes, apply glue false eyelashes, showing a dry state, from the alignment of the eyes placed at the end of eye to eye head can be adjusted.

POINT 3 >> 1 to 2 on adhesive crystals beads

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Then the third key, the left and right eye in the bottom two of the lower lid, sticky on 1 to 2 small stones, it is recommended to use false eyelashes sticky glue, applied to the first placement, rendering Semi later, the sticky small stones would be more solid. (But remember not to stick to the real lashes)

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Thus, bright diamond bright eye makeup is complete ~

In fact, most will choose the girl Han single acrylic crystals embellishment, and directly to do with the eyeliner, eye makeup can make dull moment brightens, turned big-eye effect. 

The size of the acrylic diamond can choose, just remember to grasp in a prime location in the adhesive beneath the eye can be the perfect show. 
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