The graphite system acrylic diamond lustre purity does not lose naturally


The artificial diamond is quite in fashion in recent years, because it and the natural diamond compare, the difference, does not let many consumers be unable to put down nearly. The artificial diamond's manufacture is generally puts in the high-pressured high temperature by the graphite under the environment, forms with the diamond same crystal. The entrepreneur indicated that the present acrylic rhinestones technology was quite already good, in the lustre, the purity, and the natural diamond is entirely alike.

“no matter is upright or the pear, these diamonds never distort, the diamond is the woman best friend…”This first Malilianmenglu sings the red song, the explanation diamond in woman mind status. However formerly only could depend on the diamond which the mining excavation obtains, now can make in the laboratory.

The artificial diamond entrepreneur use and the diamond ingredient same graphite, puts in high temperature and in the high-pressured environment makes the artificial diamond. The American artificial diamond manufacturing industry said: “basically our here does is the establishment perhaps simulates one natural process which next several hundred occurs in the surface.”

The acrylic diamond principle is very actually simple, because the graphite and the diamond have the same fundamental element--The carbon, after passing through the high temperature high pressure, the carbon atom will combine mutually, finally will form the acrylic diamond the structure. At present makes artificially diamond, no matter in the lustre and the purity, already and the natural diamond were entirely alike.

The US drills the entrepreneur to indicate artificially: “in the structure they are the same, in optics, in chemistry, in physics, the man-power drills with naturally drills entirely alike.

Not only however makes the method which drills artificially certainly one kind, before has the entrepreneur to promote makes the diamond by the bone ash, let the family member be able to accept as a memento;on the other day the diamond which was known as the Beethoven hair makes, shouted out the price even reaches as high as the NTD$33,000,000
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