The difference between acrylic crystals and diamond



Diamond is a commonly known (also known as crystal diamond Rhine name: crystal, rinestone) become the main acrylic crystals, jewelry accessories is a man-made crystal glass cut into acrylic crystals facets obtained, this material because it is more economical, while another dazzling diamond-like feeling on visual effects, so popular with people welcome.
Crystal Rhinestone generally used for mid-range of jewelry design, since the current global man-made crystal glass manufacture, located north and south sides of the Rhine, so called rhinestones. Produced in the North Shore called Austria Swarovski diamond, referred to as the Austrian drilling. The north shore of the Rhine sunlight intensity is large, it attracts very sunny, good gloss, called the south bank of the Czech drilling. Southbank weak sunshine intensity, the absorption of sunlight is not very adequate luster better than the Austrian drill. Most of our products are Austrian drilling, drilling a small part of the Czech Republic.

Diamond Category:

By color can be divided into: white diamond, color diamond (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), diamond (also in AB drilling), color AB drill (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.).According to shape classification can be divided into: ordinary drill, shaped diamond, shaped diamond can be divided into a diamond drill (horse eye stone), trapezoid drilling, satellite stone, no end of drilling.Diamond facets: general diamond eight section, the back is a layer of diamond plating on mercury skin. By section of the condenser, it has good brightness, multi-slice, the better brightness, Swarovski is the first to discover the Crystal Rhinestone section of people.Austrian Swarovski Crystal cutting surface can be up to thirty of its multi-faceted, so a high refractive index, reflecting the height of a deep sense, because of its hardness, gloss retention so durable is the diamond in the crowd.Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone produced in 1895 in Austria, with its unique Crystal Rhinestone inlay work known. 18th century, Daniel "Swarovski invented the automatic crystal cutting machine market. Since then, the crystal morphology can be ever-changing, so that hidden poetic charm dripping play.Swarovski is not only synonymous with man-made crystal products, but also a symbol of culture. It has an irreplaceable value, that is - fun. Currently Swarovski in the world there are many plants, so Swarovski only represents a quality, not necessarily produced in Austria.Czech diamond drill cutting surface is generally more than a dozen of its surface, so better refraction can be a reflection of a very bright light, strong hardness, gloss retention in about three years, after the Austrian drilling.Middle East and domestic stones and other stones, such stones are some of the manufacturers to meet the market, low-cost manufacturing diamond, diamond quality is lower than the Czech Republic.

Usually stones are arranged in accordance with quality and prices:1. Austria drill (that is Swarovski)2. Czech drilling3. Han drilling (drilling Korea also graded, the real import of Korea drilling brighter than the so-called Czech drilling, as it passes through the polished side, looks very bright, light transmission very good.)The domestic A drill5. domestic B drill

Rhinestone kind currently on the market generally have the following these categories:

1, Glass: glass ground into a fake diamond easily distinguished because of its low refractive index, there is no real diamonds that kind of flashing colored lights, a little experienced people see at a glance. And this is often used for relatively inexpensive diamond jewelry.2, rhinestone gems: it lacks a diamond of flashing colored lights, it was immersed in diiodomethane, its outline will be blurred. The real diamonds are very clear outline.3, synthetic sapphire: colorless transparent synthetic sapphire after pondering also be used as a substitute for diamonds. But it almost disappear in diiodomethane, and diamonds really dark edge, very clear.4, crystal and topaz: transparent two natural mineral crystals, after pondering the diamond are similar, but lack diamond bright color of fire. And they are non-homogeneous body, but diamonds are a homogeneous body, with a polarization analyzer easier to distinguish.5, zircon: Before artificial cubic zirconia appear, zircon is the best diamond substitute. Zircon has a strong birefringence, i.e., it has two refractive index, and the refractive index and the large difference between the two. Resulting a very special optical phenomena, when observed with a magnifying glass pondering good zircon Faceted stones, it can be seen from its surface and the top surface of the ridge at the bottom of a clear double shadow. The diamond because it is homogeneous body, no double image phenomenon.6, cubic zirconia (ie Soviet diamond): This is the first of the former Soviet Union launched the best diamond substitutes or bogus products, man-made compound, no natural minerals. Because cubic zirconia in refractive index, dispersion and other aspects of natural diamonds is very close. But its low hardness (8.5) specific gravity of 1.6-1.7 times the diamonds of 5.6-6, and the thermal conductivity is much lower than diamond, it can still be used with the instrument to accurately distinguish the diamond.


Diamond (English name Diamond, derived from the Greek adamas) is a mineral formed from a single carbon element, is the highest on the planet, shiny exquisite ore hardness, enjoy "king of gems" in the world, the most popular clean colorless diamonds, but other variants from yellow, brown to green, blue, pink, black, gray, white also. Because of the arrangement of carbon atoms diamond uniform, so the crystal is very perfect.
Diamonds subject to one billion years crystallized. Its form is in the ground hundreds of kilometers deep geological layers were original carbon heat and pressure melt crystals formed, most diamonds attached to the primary ore mica peridotite, the change via tectonic plates billion years ago, volcanic eruptions, with magma discharged to the surface under shallow, its chemical composition is C carbon element, of course, occasionally mixed on other elements such as iron, chromium, magnesium and other kinds of minerals, commonly known as inclusions or impurities, fewer inclusions is pure the higher the more flawless.

Diamond in the hundreds of kilometers deep geological formations, under high temperature and atmospheric pressure, only to become a diamond, if one of the conditions vary or deficiency, can only form graphite.

Origin: South Africa, Australia, Angola, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zaire, Botswana, Namibia, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Canada and other two dozen countries


1. Glass diamonds scratching, there will be obvious scratches, stones there would be no scratches.2. Diamond cleaner than the usual stones.3. Diamond brilliance is unmatched imitation stonesIn addition, redot rainbow bean drill sites mention how to avoid buying fake diamonds, its recommendations are as follows:Imitation diamonds, natural stone include: colorless Zircon (Zircon), white treasure or white diamond (WhiteSapphire), quartz (Rock Crystal), a colorless Beryl (Beryl), a colorless spinel (Spinel) are all colorless and transparent, even a mistake, mistaking them as the diamond will be a major loss.Fortunately, these natural diamonds of different physical properties; Upon verification, it is no hide.

We put forward some suggestions for your reference:1, in a reputable jewelry store to buy the more assured, there are those who can find out the credibility of the local shop.2, put the diamond light observation: the highest level of diamond is colorless and transparent, but very very rare.Most of the diamond almost all with a little yellow. In the light, the real diamond will appear slightly yellow glory.3, with the lip bumper look: high hardness of diamond, if the lips touch it, would feel "cold"When lips touch with synthetic diamonds, there will be a "lukewarm feeling."4, with a magnifying glass: magnifier genuine diamond saw, the surface is smooth, and fake diamonds, slightly rough surface.If there are air bubbles inside, it can be concluded that it is a forgery.5, with 10 times the magnifying glass to watch the diamond cutting and grinding line between the valve and the valve is clear sharp, but not easy to be scratched.
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